New Basque Cemetery - St. Martin

HISTORY:  The Bernard Basque Cemetery is located on the private property of Bernard Basque just north of Old Fort Bayou in Jackson County.  Mr. Basque developed this family cemetery about 1980 as the result of excessive vandalism at the remote William Seymour Memorial Cemetery where some of his immediate family was buried.  Three Basque family members were removed from the Seymour Cemetery and interred in the Bernard Basque Cemetery.  Before entering the cemetery grounds permission from Mr. Basque should be sought.  He can be contacted at 875-5892. 




Ernest Alvin Amos, Sr.      3-29-1921 to 8-8-1988

b. Pensacola, Florida


Ernest Alvin Amos         2-15-1952 to 9-25-2000

Floy Lee Basque Amos     2-5-1927 to 10-19-2012



Thersa Smagacz Basque         6-13-1932 to 10-30-1991

b. Dunkirk, New York


Luther Phillip Basque       5-18- 1929 to 2-14-2008


Joseph F. Basque*       7-25-1913 to 1-14-1979

Veteran WW II


Helen Margaret Seymour Basque             12-15-1921 to 6-3-2002

d/o Solom Seymour and Elzie Mae Hausen


Dola Eve Seymour*    12-24-1906 to 9-14-1969

"The Wandering Traveller", wife of J.F. Basque b. Ocean Springs, Mississippi

d. Grenada, Mississippi


Wiley W. Boone*     9-13-1912 to 12-20-1973 

Lucille Anna Mae Basque Boone  2-26-1918  to 6-9-2005    

married 12-27-1941


Belinda Lea Webb   5-27-1965 to 9-24-2012


Dianne Basque Webb      3-11-1944 to 9-17-2003

m. Roy Webb Jr.


* Removed from William Seymour Memorial Cemetery (Bayou Talla).REFERENCES: 

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Personal Communication:


Bernard Basque on January 13, 1992.


Surveyed by:

Ray L. Bellande

PO Box 617

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

January 13, 1992