Shiloh Church Cemetery - Southwest Vancleave

Shiloh Church Cemetery - Southwest Vancleave - West Humphrey Road

LOCATION:   NE/4 of the NW/4 of Section 25, T6S-7RW.

DIRECTIONS:   From the intersection of Bienville Boulevard (US 90) and Washington Avenue at Ocean Springs, go north on Washington Avenue 1.6 miles to Old Fort Bayou Road.  Turn right (east) and go east and northeast for 7.4 miles on Old Fort Bayou Road to Humphrey Road.  Turn right (east) and go .38 miles to the Shiloh Cemetery on the right (south).

HISTORY:   In July 1886, Christopher Quave (1858-1905+) gave the following land to the Methodist Episcopal Church of the South:

     Beginning at a point 27.5 chains (1815 feet) from the NW/C of the NW/4 of the NW/4 of Section 25, T6S-R8W, (going east) and running thence south 210 feet, thence east 210 feet and thence north 210 feet and thence west 210 feet to the place of beginning so as to make one square acre and being the same lot or parcel wherein Shiloh Church now stands and had stood for any years.

     A correction deed for the original, unrecorded deed was made on July 26, 1905.  At this time Mr. Quave conveyed the tract to Oren Switzer, H.G. McGowan, and Dr. A. H. Shannon, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South for the Ocean Springs and Mission Charge in the Sea Shore District of the Mississippi Annual Conference. (JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 30, p. 246)

   Christopher Quave was the son of Usant Quave (1834-1889) and Sarah Davis (1840-1908).  He married Martha Overstreet (1864-1910+) circa 1882.  She was the daughter of J.H. Overstreet (1832-1898) and Sarah E. Overstreet (1837-1923).  Christopher and Martha Quave reared a large family of eight children:  Zola (b. 1883), Hudson (b. 1885), Cassie (b. 1887), Pearly (b. 1889), Thomas (b. 1892), Alice (b. 1894), Willie (b. 1897), and Sarah (b. 1900).  Mr. Quave made his livelihood as a farmer.(1900 Federal Census-Jackson County, Miss)

    It can be determined with a high degree of certitude that the Shiloh Church was operative as early as early 1893, when William A. Sigerson (1844-1906) conveyed a tract of land in the area to Melissa Clement (1833-1903).  The warranty deed had the following exemption, "that one acre in the north end of the land described above where the ME church now stands, called Shiloh Church which is deeded for church purposes".(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 14, p. 488)

    In April 1916, John P. Edwards donated a parcel of land 165 feet by 210 feet directly east of the original one square acre gift of Christopher Quave.  The Trustees of the Shiloh Methodist Episcopal Church at this time were:  W.K. Ramsay, W.Y. Cain, Thomas E. Ramsay, Sardin G. Ramsay, Robert C. Roberts, Dr. Samuel R. Ratliff (1873-1936), Edward David, Reverend J.H. Havens, and S.R. Byrd.(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 42, p. 439)

   It is interesting to note that Usant Quave donated land to the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church for a cemetery in June 1887.(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 32, p. 311)


In Requiem: Volume 1, (1969), the following information was published:

Charlie Devro                                                           Mary Devro

Born June 25, 1881                                                   Born March 5, 1797

Died Decemebr 26, 1909                                            Died ?


Samuel Devro                                                            Gay Devro

Co. E, 3rd Miss. Inf., C.S.A.                                     (remainder not legible)

(Emblem-Maltese cross in a circle)


Henry Webb

Co. A, 3rd Miss. Infantry, C.S.A.

(Emblem-Maltese cross in a circle)


May Bob My child

In memory of Margaret Devro

Born February 19, 1877

Died October ? (not legible)



Requiem: Jackson County, Mississippi Cemetery Records, Volume 1, (Jackson County Genealogical Society: Pascagoula, Mississippi-1969), p. 102.



Devereaux Family

[Top: Magelena 'Margare't Devereaux Bellais (1879-1902) and Bottow [L-R: William Devereaux; Grace Devereaux Stanovich (1895-1969); Serena Webb Devereaux (1845-1904); and Charles Earl Bellais (1901- 1990)].  Image made circa February 1902 and courtesy of Charlotte Bellais (b. 1939), daughter of Charles E. Bellais, of Windsor, Colorado.



Magelena 'Margaret' Devereaux Bellais       1879 to 1902

Wilhelmina Bellais                                1900-1901

Jerry L. Bowers            1940 to 10-5-2010

Trenton Todd Bowers                            1964 to 1987


Curtis J. Courtney                    6-4-1923 to 2-23-1991



Ray Wilson Devereaux                  8-4-1917 to 1-10-1978

Colonel USAF WW II


Charlie Devereaux                              1881 to 1909


Serena Webb Devereaux                          1845 to 1904


Infant son of Bill and Sarah Devereaux         1902 to 1902


Samuel Devro - Co E, 3rd Mississippi Infantry


William Clyde Faulk                12-17-1982 to 12-17-1982


Brenda E. Overstreet Watts? Ferrier   2-29-1952 to 3-4-1996


William Holland

Mrs. William Holland

Caddie Holland

Mittie Holland

Matthew Paul Hollinger         11-28-1984 to 6-25-2011

Barbara Lee Riscoe Johnson   11-20-1952 to 1-28-2009


Jimmy R. Mayberry                        9-11-1952 to

Betty Louise Mayberry                  4-6-1957 to 1-8-1997


Duncan Eugene Noble            1929 to 5-29-2009

Leo Elbert Noble, Sr.                9-20-1909 to 7-19-1991

Mable Perez Noble                    8-22-1909 to 10-6-1984


Isabella Quave Overstreet                   c. 1868 to 1896


Margaret Devereaux Post                        1877 to 1916


Daniel Webb                                       3-6-1815 to 4-21-1889

Mary Ann Rogers Webb                     1820 to ?


Joe Webb                                 c. 1895 to c. 1915


Henry Webb - Co E, 3rd Mississippi Infantry