Lyman Bradford Family Cemetery - East Beach Ocean Springs

LOCATION:  Lot 2, Section 32, T7S-R8W



Lyman Bradford (1804-1858), a native of Montville, New London County, Connecticut, settled at Jackson County, Mississippi, probably in the late 1820s.  He married Cynthia Davis (1813-1887), the daughter of Samuel Davis and Sarah B in 1836.  After residing in the Pascagoula area, he moved his family to western Jackson County acquiring land on East Beach at Ocean Springs.  Here Bradford built a large home in the vicinity of present day San Souci Avenue.  It is believed that when the newer Field Lodge was built here, it incorporated a portion of the old Bradford homestead.  This structure later was known as the Tuttle Home.  After Lyman Bradford died in 1858, on December 21, 1887, Cynthia Davis Bradford (1813-1887), Martha A. Bradford (1842-1887), Sarah 'Sallie' Bradford (1848-1926) m. Enoch N. Ramsay (1832-1916), Lyman Bradford II (1850-1894), Sherwood Bradford (1838-1922), Margaret B. Davis (1846-1920) m. George W. Davis (1842-1916), and Mary L. Bradford (1853-1942) m. Andrew W. Ramsay (1830-1916) conveyed the following tract to Agnes W. Salisbury:


Those certain tracts, pieces or parcels of land situated in fractional Section 32, T7S-R8W in Jackson County, State of Mississippi, and more particularly described as a certain tract, piece or parcel of land containing a half acre front on a Bayou at the eastern part of the Bay of Biloxi, and bounded east by lands of the grantors, west by lands of the grantors, and north by the Pine Woods, and more particularly designated as a part of said fractional Section No. 32, being the same tract conveyed by George D. Davis and wife to Lyman Bradford on the 8th day February 1848.  It is hereby agreed that the grantors reserve a lot twelve (12) by twenty (20) feet containing the graves of two family members with the right to improve, protect, and visit the graves and agree not to bury but one more, and if they should so desire to remove the same from the premises they can do so.(Jackson County, Mississippi Land Deed Book 8, pp. 426-427)

It is believed that Lyman Bradford, Sr. and another family member were interred on East Beach in this small family cemetery and later removed and their corporal remains reburied in the Evergreen Cemetery on Old Fort Bayou at Ocean Springs.  There are tombstones in the Evergreen Cemetery for the following members of this family: Lyman Bradford, Sr. (1804-1858), Cynthia Davis Bradford (1813-1887), Sherwood Bradford (1838-1922), Elizabeth Bradford (1840-1886), Martha A. Bradford (1842-1887), Margaret Bradford Davis (1846-1920), Sarah Bradford Ramsay (1848-1926), and Lyman Bradford II (1850-1894).  Mary L. Bradford Ramsay (1853-1942) expired at Los Angeles, California and here corporal remains interred in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the City of Angeles.

In January 1841, James Fitch Bradford received patents on Lots 2 (NW/4 and SW/4 of NE/4) and 3 (NE/4 and SE/4 of NW/4) in Section 32, T7S-R8W, on 2-2-1837.  Lot 2 (NW/4 and SW/4 of NE/4), Section 33, T7S-R8W.(Jackson County, Mississippi Chancery Court Cause No. 743 A.W. Sullivan v. Eula Bradford, May 28, 1897).



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