Geiger Family


 Peter Geiger (1858-1923) was a German immigrant.  He married Lillie Franco (1863-1905) in November 1887.  She was the daughter of Antonio Franco (1834-1891), a Portuguese immigrant, and Jane Rodriguez (1844-1915).  Lillie Franco was reared on the banks of Fort Bayou at Washington Avenue where her father operated a ferry service.  

     Peter Geiger came to Ocean Springs in 1876, probably from New Orleans. From 1881 until 1898, he was employed by a firm of construction contractors.  He served as Alderman of Ward 2 (1903-1904).  Geiger became employed with the L&N RR in 1906, as foreman of the bridge gang. After the demise of his wife, Peter Geiger married Zetta Williams Hamett, on June 9, 1906, in Harrison County, Mississippi.  She may have been a native of Mobile.  Geiger discovered that she was a bigamist and still the wife of Edward E. Hamett Jr. of Rochester, New York.  They separated in March 1908, and their marriage was declared null and void in the Chancery Court of Jackson County, Mississippi on September 23, 1909.(Jackson County, Mississippi Chancery Court Cause No. 1739)  

     Peter Geiger then married Philum ? (1884-1920+), a native of Alabama. Her father was Spanish and mother, French.(Federal Census 1920-Jackson County, Mississippi) 

     Mr. Geiger was employed by the railroad until his health began to fail in 1921, the result of being struck on the head by a heavy timber in prior years.  He tended the Fort Bayou bridge until his demise on February 9, 1923.(The Daily Herald, February 13, 1923) 

     Peter Geiger, Lillie Franco Geiger, and Mary Geiger (1825-1890), probably Peter's mother, are interred in the Geiger Plot at the Evergreen Cemetery.


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