Boes Family


     Charles Peter Boes (1859-1928) and Sarah Lahr (1859-1936), his spouse and the daughter of Godfrey and Elizabeth Lahr, were born in New York, probably Westchester County, of Germany parents. They married in New York circa 1881. The Boes family arrived in Ocean Springs circa 1893, probably from New Orleans where circa 1889, they may have relocated to from New York. At Ocean Springs, Mr. Boes made his livelihood as a railroad carpenter and later sold soft drinks and tobacco products. Their children were: Charles P. Boes Jr. (1884-1968) married Leola ? and Mary Posmedi; Frederick Boes (1886-1935) married Helene Gertrud Bucholz; Marguerite L. Boes (1889-1965) married Dudley J. McEvoy (1868-1936); John Morris Boes (1891-1940); Lena Boes (1894-1981) married Robert McGee; Annie Boes (1897-1985) married Jerry Monoghan; Emma Boes (1899-1985) married Charles Catanese; and Joseph Boes (1902-1910+). (1910 Federal Census-Jackson County, Ms., T624R744, pt. 1, p. 7A and Patricia Boes-Parenteau, June 17, 2003)

Boes home
     In April 1905, Charles P. Boes acquired a portion of Lot 12-Block 37 of the 1854 Culmseig Map of Ocean Springs from Dr. O.L. Bailey (1870-1938). Here on the northwest corner of Calhoun and VanCleave, the Boes family resided until their departure for New Orleans sometimes before February 1919. They were residents of New Orleans, when their home on Calhoun was acquired by Noah A. Bellman (1889-1941) and spouse, Williamina Catchot Bellman (1898-1990), in February 1919, for $500. The old Boes cottage is known today as the Bellman House and situated at 1401 Calhoun. (JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 29, p. 536 and Bk. 46, pp. 359-360)

     In 1910, Mr. Boes paid a total of $6.30 state and county tax on his Ocean Springs lot and improvements. Two dollars of this amount was poll tax. (JXCO, Ms. Chancery Court 1910 Tax Receipt No. 3754)

     By 1915, Charles P. Boes was the proprietor of a small confectionary in the former Paragon Saloon owned by George E. Arndt (1857-1945), himself a first generation German-American. At this time, the Paragon Saloon had been moved just north of its former site on the southwest corner of Washington Avenue and Robinson. This relocation was necessary when in 1913, the Farmers and Merchants Bank Building was erected here. This fine edifice is extant and utilized today as a commercial rental by its proprietors, William and Wynn Seeman, former residents of Gulf Hills.

In early July 1915, Mr. Boes advertised his business in The Ocean Springs News follows:

Carbonated Drinks, Cigars, Tobacco, Etc.
Pop, Ginger Ale, Grape juice, Chewing Gum,
Near Beer Cigarettes.
Located in the Paragon building, Ocean Springs, Miss.
(The Ocean Springs News, July 8, 1915, p. 4)

Greenwood Cemetery

     The following members of the Boes family lie in eternal rest in their family burial plot at the Greenwood Cemetery in New Orleans: Charles Peter Boes, Sarah Lahr Boes, John Morris Boes, Lena Boes McGee, and Marguerite Boes McEvoy.

The following information is known about three of the Boes children:

Charles P. Boes Jr.
     Circa 1904, Charles Peter Boes Jr. (1884-1968) was born in Westchester County, New York. He married Leola ? Boes (1878-1910+), a native of Mississippi. They lived in East Slidell, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Mr. Boes was employed in the Slidell area as a millwright for a lumber company. They had had a child which did not survive. (1910-Federal Census, St. Tammany, Parish, Louisiana, T624R531, pt. 3, p. 218B)

     During WW I, Charles P Boes Jr. served in the US Navy. In 1920, he was stationed in Constantinople, Turkey aboard the USS Scorpion. Charles P. Boes Jr. later married Mary Posmedi. They were the parents of three sons: Charles Peter Boes III, John Boes, and George Boes. They family resided at Vallejo, California for about forty years. He expired here on May 1,1968. (Patricia Boes-Parenteau, June 17, 2003)

Frederick Boes
     Frederick Boes (1886-1935) was born in Westchester County, New York. In May 1912, he married Helene Gertrud Bucholz of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the Methodist Church at Ocean Springs with the Reverend Lowndes A. Darsey (1849-1929) in attendance. (JXCO, Ms. MRB 9, p. 413)

     They were the parents of six children: Meta Eve Boes (1914-1983); Fred Boes Jr. (b. 1917); Immanual H. Boes (1920-1983); Marguerite Boes (1922-1991); Edward K. Boes (1925-1999); and Richard Boes (1926-1991). Frederick and Helene B. Boes left Ocean Springs circa 1917, for San Francisco. Meta Eve was born in Biloxi while the remainder of the Boes children experienced their nativity in the Golden State. Frederick Boes made his livelihood working in a hospital. He expired at San Francisco on February 11, 1935 from tuberculosis. (Patricia Boes-Parenteau, June 17, 2003)

     Many thousand thanks to Patricia Boes-Parenteau of Vacaville, California for her sharing her knowledge of her Boes family with us.

The Ocean Springs News"C.P. Boes <advertisement>", July 8, 1915.

Personal Communication:
Patricia Boes-Parenteau-Vacaville, California, June 17, 2003.