Hovelmeirer Family


Henry B. Hovelmeier (1888-1954) was born in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, the son of Joseph Hovelmeier and Louise Shrettcocke.  His siblings were: Mrs. Andrew Thompson; Annie Hovelmeier (1887-1971); Katherine Hovelmeier (1893-1975); and Gus Hovelmeier (1896-1982).(The Daily Herald, March 22, 1954, p. 13 and SSDI)

Mr. Hovelmeier married Miss Mary Wieder (1890-1986) of Ocean Springs and  the daughter of Alsacian immigrants, Gregoire Wieder (1849-1899), and Dora Armbruster (1848-1924).  Their children were: Dorothy Hovelmeier (1918-2003) who married George V. Borries (1917-1974); Frances Hovelmeier (1923-1992) who married Arthur W. Carman (1923-1990), a native of St. Maries, Idaho and the son of Frances Carman and Pearls I. Ells; and Mary Alice Hovelmeier who married Ralph D. Owen.

            Henry B. Hovelmeier was a career US Navy serviceman.  He enlisted in 1909 and was a veteran of WWI and WWII retiring as a Chief Petty Officer.  Mr. Hovelmeier settled at Ocean Springs in 1917.  He was a member of the VFW, American Legion, and worshiped at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church.  Henry B. Hovelmeier expired on March 21, 1954.  Mary Wieder Hovelmeier lived until July 23, 1986.  She and Mr. Hovelmeier rest for eternity in the Evergreen Cemetery on Old Fort Bayou.(The Daily Herald, March 22, 1954, p. 13 and The Sun Herald, July 25, 1986, p. A-2)


Hovelmeier house

            The Hovelmeier house is situated on a tract, which measures 75 feet by 125 feet on the eastern part of Lot 16-Block 3 (Culsmeig Map of 1854) at 1007 Joseph Street, which was formerly 9 Middle Avenue.  Mary Wieder Hovelmeier acquired this structure and lot in February 1925, from the heirs of Dora Arbruster Weider, her mother: Lena Wieder Carver Carver (1875-1931), Joseph A. Wieder (1877-1960), Adolph A. Wieder (1879-1931), Frank A. Wieder (1881-1954), and Phil J. Wieder (1887-1985.(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 57, pp. 482-483)

            Mary Alice H. Owen owns the old Gregoire Wieder home today, which is situated between the Walter Anderson Museum of Art (WAMA) and the Ocean Springs Police Department.




Chancery Court

Jackson County, Mississippi Chancery Court Cause No. 12511, “Last Will of H.B. Hovelmeier”-December 1954.



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