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Q.D. Sauls, principal; Florence Morrow, Clara Robbins, and Lelia May Smith of Hattiesburg.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, October 6, 1899)



Q.D. Sauls, principal;



Clara Robbins, Kate Robbins, and Leila May Smith.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, April 13, 1900)  In late June, Miss Robbins withdrew her name for reappointment by the school board.  She found employment in the Biloxi School system.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, June 29, 1900, p. 3 and September 21, 1900, p. 3)

The fourth session of the Ocean Springs High School began in early September.  Enrollment was about the same as the 1899-1900 session.  Some boarders are attending school and more are expected.  The Public School opens in October?.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, September 7, 1900, p. 3)

Miss Leila Mae Smith, an assistant at the Ocean Springs High School, returned to town from Bolton, Mississippi where she had spent her summer holiday.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, September 28, 1900, p. 3)

The school term began with 151 students in attendance.  Board of trustees adopted Johnson’s series of readers, histories, and spellers.  By late November it was nearly 200.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, October 5,  1900, p. 3 and November 30, 1900, p. 3)

Miss Anna McDowell will continue her elocution class at the High School.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, October 26, 1900, p. 3)

Dr. William C. West (1848-1915) and wife, Harriett Newell Day (1851-1931), proposed to the school board that they would outfit the new library room as a memorial to their recently deceased daughter, Laura T. West (1882-1900).  Proposal accepted.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, October 26, 1900, p. 3)



Professor Q.D. Sauls after four years as principal has purchased an interest in The Mount Olive Tribune.[TTD, July 21, 1901, p. 21]

Professor Lackey, principal

Mr. Lackey was principal of the school in the 1901-1902 school session.  He came to Ocean Springs from Crystal Springs, Copiah County, Mississippi.  Lackey was lauded as an educator.  (The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, November 1, 1901, p. 3  and May 30, 1902, p. 3)



Lee Smythe, Susie Vaughan, and Mary Lee Woodruff. The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, May 30, 1902, p. 3)

Commencement exercises at the Ocean Springs Public School were  held in late May 1902.  Superintendent Cowan spoke to the attendees at the morning program.  The evening festivities were highlighted by an opera, Little Red Riding Hood.  Relatives, friends, and interested parties filled the large school hall.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, May 30, 1902, p. 3)



Hamilton G. McCowan, principal

The new school principal, Hamilton Gordon McGowan (1876-1918+), and wife, May Gilmore McGowan (1879-1918+) arrived in Ocean Springs, in late September.  They found temporary quarters in the Dunn Cottage on Rayburn Avenue.  In October, they will maintain their residence in the Dr. Ross A. Switzer home on Porter.  The McGowans were from Shubuta near Quitman, Clarke County, Mississippi and had a small daughter, Mary Ellen McGowan.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, September 26, 1902, p. 3 and June 2, 1905, p. 3) 



The 1902-1903 school term began on October 6, 1902.  The faculty consisted of the principal and his three assistants: Florence Morrow, Leila May Smith, and Susie Vaughan.  Miss Smith from New Orleans stayed at the Shanahan House.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, September 19, 1902, p. 3 and October 10, 1902, p. 3)

On the first day of school, there were one hundred eighteen pupils in attendance. 

The school had been furnished with new desks and the floral decorations added a uniqueness and pulchritude to the interior of the structure.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, October 10, 1902, p. 3)




H.G. McGowan, principal         

The 1903-1904 school term began tragically when widowOlive Keith (1873-1903), who had come from Chicago to teach at Ocean Springs expired.  She had been in the classroom for only two months.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, November 27, 1903, p. 3)

In mid-January 1904, near the end of the first term, Alice Martin, Frances and Brownlee Hubble, and Katie Starks enrolled in class.  Professor McGowan thanked those of the Ocean Springs who assisted with the art exhibit.  Although not a financial success, McGowan felt the venue was important to the community.(The Progress, January 16, 1904, p. 4)

The second school term commenced on January 25, 1904.  After about one month the enrollment at The OS Public School was 157 pupils.  Three students, Paul and Ruth Randall and Lowell Ferguson, of Benton Harbor, Michigan returned to their Midwestern home.  Charcoal sketching was taught in grades seven through nine.  A display of the finest drawing were to be exhibited at the close of the school term.  Although some manual training had been planned for all grades this school year, no materials had been acquired for instruction as funding had not been procured.(The Progress, February 20, 1904, p. 1)

Professor McGowan’s prophetic words applicable today: We would urge all parents having boys and girls in the advanced grades to make them do some homework in their studies.  It keeps them employed and it tells in their daily grade work.  Pupils who study regularly at home are always doing creditable work.  The lack of interest of parents about the school work of their children is one of the greatest obstacles in our way in keeping boys and girls toward a higher life, morally and mentally.(The Progress, February 20, 1904, p. 1)

Professor McGowan’s winter term class of 1903-1904, consisted of thirty-three pupils, twelve males and twenty-one females, ranging in age from seventeen to fourteen.  Willie Pabst had the best attendance record.  He changed the curriculum which proved of great interest to his students.(Register of enrollment 1903-1904, JXCO, Ms. Archives, Pascagoula, Ms. and The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, April 14, 1905)           

School closed on May 27, 1904.  The 7th through 9th grade classes gave a garden party, which was well attended.  Mrs. McGowan will not teach next year.(The Progress, May 28, 1904, p. 4)




Faculty, Professor H.G. McGowan, Alva McGowan, Olive Keith,





H.G. McGowan, principal

Enrollment for 1904-1905 was 161 pupils.  The High School department had an acute need for laboratory apparatus for the Botany, Zoology, and Physics courses.  David Fairchild, a visitor from the USDA at Washington D.C., commented that the scholastic work in Botany and Zoology was satisfactory and that schools such as this sent great men into the world.  Professor McGowan changed the curriculum which proved of great interest to his students. (The Progress, October 1, 1904, p. 1 and The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, April 14, 1905, p. 3)



Alva McGowan, Florence Morrow, and Ethel Gordon.  Miss Alva McGowan (b. 1878) was the sister of Principal McGowan.  In April 1905, she and H.G. McGowan went to Pascagoula to sit for the agriculture examination given by Superintendent D.D. Cowan.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, April 28, 1905, p. 3)

Miss Annie Eglin of Ocean Springs, passed the teachers examination at Scranton and will teach school this winter.(The Progress, September 3, 1904, p. 5)



Class of 1905

(only identified: top row-Professor H.G. McGowan, fourth from left; bottow row-Etta Clark, eleventh from left)

(Courtesy of Lurline Schrieber Clark of Letohatchie, Alabama)


Class of 1905

Mamie Ramsay Vickery, valedictorian; Etta Clark Schrieber (1888-1978), salutatorian.  Irene Bland, Carrie Cowan, Alberta Dick, William Pabst, and Hazel Russell Robinson (1890-1920).


Gulf Coast School of Railroad Telegraphy School

J.C. Tucker opened a railroad telegraphy school at Ocean Springs in December 1904.(The Progress, December 3, 1904)




H.G. McGowan, principal

H.G. McGowan of Quitman was principal.  The 1905-1906 school session commenced  in mid-September 1905, with an enrollment of 120 students.  Miss Alva McGowan returned from Quitman with her brother, Thomas Talmadge McGowan (b. 1888), who became a student in the high school this fall.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, September 22, 1905, p.3)

Sister, Susie McGowan, of Quitman here for visit in May 1906.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, May 11, 1906, p. 3)

In January 1906, the High School library was the recipient of a new four volume encyclopedia.  Although donor remained anonymous, there is a high degree of certitude that it was Martha Lyon Holcomb.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, January 26, 1906, p. 3)



Alva McGowan, Florence Morrow, and Ethel Gordon.(The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, September 22, 1905, p.3)



Jack Verhoeff, Maggie Ramsay (Vickery) (1887-1976), Rosalie LeCand (Collins), George Davis Maxwell (1888-1951), Lissie Clement (1893-1923+), and Bessie Bland.(The Ocean Springs Record, November 7, 1968, p. 4)



H.G. McGowan, principal


Elementary grade 1906?

[probable people: Front row on steps L-R: Willie Dale [dark complexion] third from left; Edward A. Bellande, eight from left, last boy with shoes!  Second row: a Westbrook, tall boy with gray or brown coat and black shirt.  Top row: Karl Case Maxwell ?, first boy from left.  Courtesy of Patricia Maxwell Letort, October 2008]



H.G. McGowan, principal



H.G. McGowan, principal

Professor Hamilton G. McGowan left Ocean Springs after the 1908-1909 school year for Woodville, Wilkinson County, Mississippi where he was also the principal.  In the summer of 1910, H.G. McGowan was appointed a professor in the agriculture and horticulture department at Mississippi A&M, now Mississippi State University, at Starkville, Mississippi.  By 1918, the McGowans had relocated to Columbus, Mississippi where he made his livelihood as a farmer and operating a private business.(The Ocean Springs News, July16, 1910)

McGowan Oaks

At some time during his tenure of the Ocean Springs Public School, Professor McGowan planted eight oak trees on Dewey Avenue, which at the time was called Goos Avenue.  The trees were a tribute to the first graduation class of the school and each student had a tree named in their honor.(Norton C. Haviland (1891-1982) in The Ocean Springs Record, October 16, 1975, p. 9)


Otho T. Harper, principal

Professor Otho T. Harper (1876-pre-1930) was elected by Board of School Trustees for the 1909-1910 school year.  Mr. Harper was an efficient educator and the school system prospered under his management.(The Ocean Springs News, May 15, 1909, p. 1)

Otho T. Harper was born at Scott County, Mississippi to Hiram H. Harper (1852-1880+), a Blacksmith, and Lizzie Harper (1851-1880+), a native of South Carolina. Circa 1905, he married Mary E. Foster (1880-1930+).  They were the parents of five children: Mary E. Harper (1906-1920+); Hiram H. Harper (1909-1930+); James Harper (1916-1930+); Nell Harper (1918-1930+); and O.T. Harper (1922-1930+).    It appears that the Harpers left Ocean Springs circa 1911 for Daleville, Lauderdale County, Mississippi.  He was awarded $1000 in damages by the Circuit Court of Hancock County, Mississippi in the spring of 1911.  Professor Harper had sued the L&N Railroad for the injuries that he had allegedly incurred while boarding their train at Fontainebleau in the fall of 1910.(The Ocean Springs News, April 1, 1911)

In August 1916, O.T. Harper became involved in a criminal action at Lauderdale County, Mississippi.  He had several indictments against him in the trial of John R. Ellis, former School Superintendent of Lauderdale County.  Professor Harper was an educator in the Daleville School.  He was accused of cashing school warrants made out to teachers that never existed.(The Jackson County Times, September 2, 1916, p. 5)

By 1920, Professor Harper was back in the classroom at Quitman, Clarke County, Mississippi.  He and his spouse were both teaching in the public school system.  Prior to Professor O.T. Harper had expired.  A son, Otho T. Harper Jr. was born circa 1922.  In 1930, Mrs. O.T. Harper and children were residing at Quitman with William H. Foster, her brother.  They were both school teachers.  Mary E. Foster taught music.  No further information.(1920 and 1930 Clarke County, Mississippi Federal Census T625_872, p. 7A, ED2 and R1141, p. 1B, ED 2)

1908-1909 Gulf Coast Basketball Champions

(Only positive identification is Elizabeth "Queenie" Barbara Joachim Potin (1891-1932), the young lady on the right end of the image.  Other probable members of the basketball squad were: Rosa Green, Ada Wasson, Louise Wasson, and Manelle Dibble.  The gentlemen is probably Professor O.T. Harper with his child and the image was probably made by Roy L. Bland)


Class 1909

Ada Wasson, valedictorian; Louise Wasson, salutatorian; Queenie Joachim, historian; Manelle Dibble, poet; Rosa Green, prophet; and George Steele, orator; (The Ocean Springs News, May 15, 1909, p. 1)




J.S. Vandiverprincipal

Mr. Vandiver was from Ackerman, Mississippi: Florence Morrow, Alicia W. Dickson, Rosalie LeCand, Mrs. J.S. Vandiver.(The Ocean Springs News, June 25, 1910, p. 1)



John W. Loch

John W. Loch (1885-1911+), the principal, was from Magnolia, Pike County, Mississippi.  He was the son of Daniel H. Loch (1858-1920+) and Mary Loch (1866-pre-1920).  Daniel H. Loch was a cobbler at Magnolia.  His parents were German immigrants.  Daniel's mother, Elizabeth Loch (1830-1910+), lived with this family at Magnolia.  By 1910, John W. Loch was teaching in the public school at Magnolia with his sister, Bessie Loch (1888-1910+).  Prior to entering the education field, he helped his father in the shoe shop.(1900, 1910, and 1920 Pike County, Mississippi Federal Census T623 825, p. 20B, ED 115; T624_755, p. 11B, ED 109; and T625_891, p. &A, ED 103)

John W. Loch resigned as principal of the Ocean Springs public school after the 1910-1911 school year and matriculated to the University of Mississippi to study Law.(The Ocean Springs News, June 17, 1911, p. 5  and September 23, 1911, p. 5)

In mid-April 1911, the Civic Federation Public hosted an Easter Egg hunt and spelling bee at the Ocean Springs Public School.  Miss Beryl Bailey was the champion speller followed by Miss Ruth Dick.(The Ocean Springs News, April 19, 1911, p. 5)

Theo Bechtel donated a flag pole for the school.(The Ocean Springs News, May 20, 1911)



Alicia W. Dickson, Florence Morrow, and Ida Ober?


Class of 1911

At the graduation of the Ocean Springs High School on May 29, 1911, the following were awarded diplomas: Agnes “Missy” Bland Beh (1895-1975), valedictorian, Mary Leigh Bransford (1892-1978), Eula Catchot Simpson (1892-1982), Lloyd Netto (1895-1980), Earl Robinson, Blance von Rosambeau (1892-1982), Robert Rupp (1894-1958), Mamie Starks, Mary Starks (1895-), and Orey Young (1892-1986).(The Ocean Springs News, June 10, 1911, p. 1)

Parties for the class were given by Miss Blanche von Rosambeau, a surprise party was given for Miss Mary Lee Bransford at her family home on Porter, and Miss Agnes Bland hosted an assembly of classmates at her father’s New Beach Hotel.(The Ocean Springs News, June 10, 1911, p. 5)

Three male graduates of this class, Lloyd Netto, Earl Robinson, and Orey Young, enrolled at Mississippi A&M College at Starkville in the fall of 1911.(The Ocean Springs News, September 23, 1911, p. 5)


Whitmal Harlston Wood

[from The Gulfport Advocate January 1, 1916, p. 3]


W.H. Wood, principal.

William Harlston Wood (1882-1972) was born on March 21, 1882, probably at Summit, Pike County, Mississippi.  His career was people oriented as he was a school teacher, school principal and superintendent, and later a real estate salesman.  W.H. Wood married Fannie Toler (1889-1930+) and their were the parents of three children: Ardry Wood (1910-1930+); Willena Wood (1911-1930+); and William H. Wood (1920-1930+). 

W.H. Wood was a resident of Harrison County, Mississippi before coming to Ocean Springs as high school principal in 1911.  He had moved to Gulfport in 1908 and had just lost in the primary for Harrison County Chancery Clerk to F.S. Hewes of Gulfport.(The Daily Herald, August 18, 1911, p. 8)

In August 1915, W.H. Wood was elected Superintendent of Education of Harrison County, Mississippi after J.J. Dawsey resigned to go to Purvis, Mississippi to become principal of the Lamar County Agricultural High School.  Mr. Wood took office on January 1, 1916.(The Ocean Springs News, August 12, 1915, p.3 and The Gulfport Advocate, January 1, 1916, p. 3)

W.H. Wood was later elected State Senator from Harrison County.  In May 1920, he was arrested for alleged stealing about $2500 from the State common school fund while Superintendent of Education of Harrison County, Mississippi.  Mr. Wood pleaded guilty to this crime and was sentenced in the Circuit Court of Harrison County, Mississippi by Judge Graham to ten days in the County jail and fined $250 and one year in the State penitentiary.  His sentence was suspended and he was pardoned by Governor Lee M. Russell (1875-1943) in July 1921 and he never went to the penitentiary.(The Jackson County Times, May 8, 1920, p. 1, The Daily Herald, December 14, 1920, p. 4 and July 14, 1921, p. 4)

By 1930, Professor Wood and family had relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he made his livelihood as a real estate salesman.  He expired here in January 1972.(1930 Federal Census Tulsa Co., Oklahoma R1934, p. 18B, ED 78)


School notes:

In late August 1911, Professor William Noel Wood of Bond, Mississippi spent several days at Ocean Springs with his brother, W.H. Wood.(The Ocean Springs News, September 2, 1911, p. 5)

Mrs. Fannie Woods had a baby girl [Willena Wood], which she delivered at their home on in early October 1911.(The Ocean Springs News, October 7, 1911, p. 5)

The schoolteachers and parents of the pupils organized The Mother’s Club, a precursor to a PTA. The salient objective of this organization was the welfare of the Ocean Springs Public School and the learning environment for the students and their instructors.  Elected officers were: May B. Ames (1886-1926), president; Jessica W. Bechtel, (1869-1946) vice-president; Emma J. Illing (1869-1958), treasurer; and Miss Ida Ober, secretary.(The Ocean Springs News, October 11, 1911, p. 5)

Ida Ober and A.W. Dickson attended summer classes for school teachers at Wiggins, Mississippi.(The Ocean Springs News, August 26, 1911, p. 5)

The Rushton H. Field memorial sanitary drinking fountain installed.  First to be set up in south Mississippi.(The Ocean Springs News, September 16, 1911)



Ida Ober.





T.F. Crowley, principal


Class of 1914

L. Gladys Davis, valedictorian, and Thelma Reel, salutatorian, were the only graduates the Class of 1914, from the Ocean Springs Public School.  At the ceremonies held on June 15, 1914, perfect attendance medals were awarded to Leo Dale, Victor Collier, and Alphonse Abraham.  Local jeweler, J.L. Raines, provided the awards.  Judge James H. Neville of Gulfport spoke to the audience about Education.(The Ocean Springs News, May 30, 1914, p. 5 and  June 20, 1914, p. 5)

Miss L. Gladys Davis, the daughter of E.S. Davis, left Ocean Springs and entered Soule’s Business College at New Orleans.  She studied shorthand and typewriting.  In July 1915, Miss Davis graduated first in her class of sixty students.  Her father had a position for her in his mercantile store on Washington Avenue.(The Ocean Springs News, July 8, 1915, p. 1)



Luther F. Sumrall

(from The Ocean Springs News, May 30, 1914, p. 1)

Luther Franklin Sumrall (1885-1920+), the son of John H. Sumrall (1850-1900+) and India A. Sumrall (1850-1900+), was born on June 27, 1885 in Jones County, Mississippi.  By 1910, he was teaching public school in his native Jones County.  On July 12, 1912, Professor Sumrall married Annie May Denson (1891-1981) in George County, Mississippi.  She was also born at Jones County, Mississippi.(1900 and 1910 Jones Co., Mississippi Federal Census T623 813, p. 14 A, and ED 60 and T624_745, p. 5B, ED 74) 

L.F. Sumrall came to Ocean Springs as school superintendent with his wife and baby, LaVerne Sumrall (b. 1914) from Wiggins, Mississippi.  He had been at the high school there since 1912.  Professor Sumrall’s salary was budgeted at $1000 per year, while his five teachers, Florence Morrow, Zoe L. Hann of Biloxi, Lillian Miles of Newton, Maud James of Decatur, Norma J. Lowey of Terry, made $450 per year.  All were new teachers to the Ocean Springs School District with the exception of Miss Morrow.(The Ocean Springs News, May 30, 1914, p. 5 and September 5, 1914, p. 1)


Zoe L. Hann, Norma J. Lowey, Maud James, Lillian Miles Russell, and Florence Morrow.


Class 1915

Professor Sumrall when interviewed by the local journal after the completion of the school year related that he was enthusiastic about the progress at the school.  He said that "the attendance has been larger than ever; with students interested in the work; and finances in splendid condition.  The weakness of the system is the yearly change of teachers, rendering consistent and uniform grading and advancement impossible;  the lack of home study; and irrelevant criticism; which he thinks has done more to hinder than benefit.  L.F. Sumrall concluded his statement with a request for a course in Domestic Science.(The Ocean Springs News, May 6, 1915, p. 1)



Class of 1915

(bottom row, l-r: Professor L.F. Sumrall)



Class of 1915

The Class of 1915 had the distinction of being the largest ever to graduate from the Ocean Springs Public School.  Principal Sumrall journeyed to Gulfport in early April 1915, to arrange for Congressman Pat Harrison to address the class.  In mid-May, Harrison spoke to the class at their commencement exercises.  Diplomas were awarded to: Bemis Oscar Bailey (1898-1969), Richard Mason Baker, Gertrude Louise Dick, Martha Bolling Hicks, Malcolm Hodges (1899-1932), Atley Horne, Violet Ann Horton, Marion Emma Illing Moran (1899-1993), Mark Enos Lee (1898-1990), Ouida Lucille Lowry, Timothy Vincent Regan, Jesse Walton Roberts, Ethel Virginia Russell Moran (1899-1957), Mary Aline Tillman, Hattie Adele Westbrook (1898-1919).  The valedictorian of the 1915 Class was Malcolm Hodges while Richard M. Baker took salutatorian honors. (The Ocean Springs News, May 13, 1915, p. 1)

Class Honors:  Valedictorian-Malcolm Hodges (1899-1932); Salutatorian-Richard M. Baker; Class Historian-Violet Horton; Class Essay-Ethel Russell; Class Prophet-Timothy Regan; Class Poem-Hattie Westbrook; Class Will-Bemis O. Bailey; and Class Orator-Jesse Roberts.(The Ocean Springs News, May 6, 1915, p. 1)

Class Officers: Richard Mason Baker, president; Mark E. Lee (1898-1990), vice president; Ethel V. Russell Moran (1899-1957), secretary; Bemis O. Bailey (1898-1969), treasurer.(The Ocean Springs Record, May 6, 1915, p. 1)

Class Play: 'A Strenuous Life'.(The Ocean Springs Record, May 6, 1915, p. 1)               

1915 Graduation

In early April 1915, Luther F. Sumrall went to Gulfport to request Representative Pat Harrison to address the graduating class of 1915.  Graduation was held in the school house on April 30th at 8:00 p.m. with Pat Harrison delivering the commencement address.(The Ocean Springs Record, April 8m 1915, p. 1 and p. 3)

According to Professor Sumrall, the Class of 1915 had the highest scholastic average that he had ever seen.  It outperformed his Wiggins class, which had broken records for that institution.  For the 1914-1915 school session, Atley Horne recorded a 98 for the highest average while the lowest was only 81 2/7th.(The Ocean Springs Record, May 13, 1915, p. 1)

Miss Norma Lowry and Miss Ouida Lowry attended college at Columbus, Mississippi in June 1915.(The Ocean Springs Record, June 17, 1915, p. 3)


Post-Ocean Springs

Luther F. Sumrall and family left Ocean Springs and in 1918 were at Senatobia, Tate County, Mississippi where he taught in the public school.  By 1920, Professor Sumrall was teaching at the Oak Grove Consolidated School, Beat 2, Perry County, Mississippi.  Annie May Denson Sumrall expired at Ellisville, Jones County, Mississippi in May 1981 at the age of ninety.  No further information.(1920 Perry Co., Mississippi Federal Census, T625_889, p. 12A, ED 130)





Principal Benjamin H. Ashman (1892-1983) and Mildred D. Ashman (1890-1975), Asst. Principal



Benjamin Hamlin Ashman, principal-

The 1915-1916 school year began at Ocean Springs with a new principal.  Benjamin Hamlin Ashman (1892-1983) and his spouse, Mildred D. Ashman (1890-1975), who had just joined the faculty of the Ocean Springs Public School.  Benjamin H. Ashman was born at Pennsylvania the son of George H. Ashman (1858-1930+), a native of Three Springs, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, and Mary “May” Hamlin Ashman (1861-1945), also from Pennsylvania.  Circa 1917, Professor Ashman married Mildred D. Ashman, a native of Indiana.  They were the parents of: Helen Ashman (1918-1930+); Marian Ashman (1920-1930+); Stephen Ashman (1922-1930+); Margaret Ashman (1924-1930+); and Thomas Ashman (1925-1930+).  With the exception of Helen who was born in Indiana, the other Ashman children were born in either Kenosha or Dane County, Wisconsin.(1920 Kenosha Co., Wisconsin Federal Census T625_1991, p. 3A, ED 3 and 1930 Dane Co., Wisconsin Federal Census R2566, p. 27A, Ed 6)


Ocean Springs

Dr. George H. Ashman and spouse arrived at Ocean Springs in April 1914.  They relocated here from Sanford, Seminole County, Florida and acquired a farm near town.  The Ashman farm was situated in the W/2 of the NE/4 Section 1, T7S-R8W.(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 56, p. 341 and The Ocean Springs News, April 14, 1914)

In 1900, before arriving at Ocean Springs, the Ashman family had lived in the Samuel Mills District of Albemarle County, Virginia.  Here George H. Ashman farmed and with May H. Ashman reared their two sons: Richard Ashman (1890-1970) and Benjamin H. Ashman (1892-1983).  They had married in 1887.(1900 Albemarle Co., Virginia Federal Census T623 1698, p. 1A, Ed 8)

In 1910, before Benjamin H. Ashman had married, he resided on Hicks Street at Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York.  Here he made his livelihood as an auditor.(1910 Kings Co., New York, Federal Census 624_955, p. 23A, ED 4)




In September 1914, May Hamlin Ashman acquired the DePass place on Biloxi Bay at Ocean Springs from Hattie DePass Hall (1882-1926+), of Chicago for $4500.  It had been owned by New Orleans denizens, Ada Weeks DePass (1851-1909) and spouse, David Albert DePass (1850-1926).  Several years after the demise Mrs. Ada Weeks DePass, Hattie Depass Hall (1882-1926+), her daughter, sued her father for a forced heirship sale.(Jackson County, Ms. Chancery Court, Cause No. 3280-March 1914). 

Hattie D. Hall bought the Biloxi Bay front property from the court appointed commissioner and conveyed it to May Hamlin Ashman (1861-1945) in September 1914 for $4500.  Mrs. Hall was residing at Chicago when the conveyance was made.(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 40, pp. 591-592)

The Ashman family remained here until they sold their estate to Annette McConnell Anderson (1867-1964) in May 1918.  Mrs. McConnell called her Ocean Springs tract “Fairhaven”.  After her son, Peter Anderson (1903-1984), commenced his Shearwater Pottery here in 1928, this property has become ubiquitously known as “Shearwater”.(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 45, pp. 528-529) 


New Orleans

In 1930, George H. Ashman and spouse were residing on Joliet Street in the Crescent City with their son, Richard Ashman (1890-1970) and his wife, Cora Ashman (1891-1984), a native of New York, and their four sons: Hubert C. Ashman (1918-1930+), Richard C. Ashman (1922-1930+), Lawrence Ashman (1924-1930+), and Teddy Ashman (1927-1930+).  All the Ashman children with the exception of Hubert C. Ashman were New Orleans natives.  Hubert was born at Illinois.

Richard Ashman had come to New Orleans before 1920 probably from Illinois to work as a University Professor.  They resided on Calhoun Street at this time.  By 1930, Richard Ashman was an assistant professor at a medical school in New Orleans.  His mother expired there in April 1945.

Richard Ashman died at New Orleans in February 1970.  Cora Ashman expired there in April 1984.(SSDI)  


Public School

Professor Ashman must have been a recent college graduate before taking the position as Principal in the Ocean Springs Public School, as he and Richard Ashman, his brother, were at college in the fall of 1914.(The Ocean Springs News, September 12, 1914)

Professor Ashman found the school building with many new improvements and large classes.  It was anticipated that this year’s graduates would be able to enter the State university without taking an examination because of its affiliation with the institution of higher learning.(The Ocean Springs News, September 9, 1915, p. 1)

Principal Ashman’s salary for the 1915-1916 school year was $111.11 per month and his wife, Mildred D. Ashman, assistant principal received $66.67 per month.  The remainder of Professor Ashman’s instructors were paid $55.00 per month.(Town of Ocean Springs, Mississippi Minute Bk. December 3, 1907 to January 4, 1915, p. 295)

The Board of School Trustees submitted their 1915-1916 Ocean Springs Public School budget to Aldermen Frank E. Schmidt (1877-1954), Tom N. Murphy (1892-1966), George L. Friar (1869-1924), and John Duncan Minor (1863-1920) and Mayor W.T. Ames (1864-1954) in September 1915 as follows:


White School

Principal’s salary-$1000; Five assistant’s salaries-$2670; Janitor’s salary-$90; Coal-$50; Fat wood-$6; Incidentals-$200.  Total $4016.



Colored School

Principal’s salary-$450; Assistant’s salaries-$225; Coal-$10; and Incidentals-$10.  Total-$695.

Alderman Friar motioned that the school budget be received and filed.  All present approved the motion.(The Ocean Springs News, September 16, 1915, p. 4)

Benjamin H. Ashman supervised the education of his students with the precept that: school is an opportunity and education is the present employment of the student that must be performed in a business-like manner as any future occupation.  At this time, the curriculum in the High School consisted of courses in mathematics, science, English, Latin, and history.  The small school library operated on the regular card system.  The primary grades followed the state guidelines and included raffia basket-weaving.  Cultural aspects of the public school included music in the form of a school chorus and a drama play.  The school was a member of the Jackson County Athletic association.(The Ocean Springs News, November 25, 1915, p. 3)

Professor Ashman may have been the first to have night classes in Ocean Springs.  Many of the after hours students were adults learning to read and write, although grades from primer and higher were taught.  No fee was imposed upon the learners and the regular day teachers from the high school assisted in the classes held on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week.(The Jackson County Times, November 4, 1916, p. 5)

Another Ashman achievement was to create an 11th grade curriculum, which allowed graduates to matriculate to a college without conditions or entrance examinations.

In addition, he added a Physics class and advanced studies in Latin, English, and Mathematics were introduced.(The Ocean Springs News, March 16, 1916, p. 1)

The Ashmans were given a surprise Halloween Part at their home by their students.  A large number in attendance and appropriate games were played.(The Jackson County Times, November 4, 1916, p. 5)


1981 Letter to Ocean Springs

In December 1981, Benjamin H. Ashman in his ninetieth year wrote a letter from Madison, Wisconsin addressed to the Postmaster of Ocean Springs.  A copy survives today and reads as follows:


2107 Waunona Way


Madison Wisconsin 53713

December 18, 1981

 Postmaster Ocean Springs.

Dear Sir:

During the school years 1915-1916 and 1916-1917 my wife and I taught the High School classes in Ocean Springs.  That first year the school had been only a 3 year H.S. and we suggested that it should be a regular 4 years H.S. so the graduates could get into college if they wanted to go.

Dr. Bailey was the town doctor and operated the drug store.  “Gottsches” was the only grocery store.  The second (1916-1917) period a Miss Bland (I think) took over the Latin and some other subjects and I started a class in Physics.

During the summer of 1916 my wife and I were at Columbia University N.Y. City.  While there, I made arrangements to get two or three hundred children’s books.  During the school year 1916-1917 Rebecca McEwen or her sister became our Librarian.  A number of people in the town give novels etc. for our little library.  Rebecca lived 2 or 3 miles out in the country and walked to town two or three times a week to open the library.

All of this started when, I recently found the enclosed photograph and thought you could post this card where people could see themselves as they were 50 years again or maybe post it in the library and let the present city Librarian (Rebecca I hope) have it on display.

Professor Benjamin H. Ashman expired at Madison, Wisconsin in January 1983.  Mildred D. Ashman preceded him in death expiring there in February 1975.(SSDI)

Father Irwin planned to open a Catholic school in September 1915.  Under the care of the Sisters of the Holy Cross of New Orleans.  Owned Beltran property at the foot of Jackson Avenue.(The Ocean Springs News, July 29, 1915, p. 1)


CLASS 1916

Top Row l-r: Otis F. Smith (1902-1977), Walter B. Holloway (1900-1965), John Hyman, Charles J. Faure (1900-1956), W. Sheppard Van Cleave (1899-1947), Robert Morris (1902-1970), A. Lynd Gottsche (1902-1974), Willie F. Dale (1899-1990) m. Ethel Sophia Endt (1900-1978), S. Chester Davis (1900-1973); and Edward A. Bellande (1897-1976) m. Mollie Lamont (1911-2000).

Middle Row l-r: Mildred Ashman (1890-1975); Elizabeth Regan; Mary Irvine; Clothilde Bailey (1901-1995) m. Dr. Edward S. Campbell; Lorena Mitchell, Rebecca McEwen (1898-1968) m. Leslie B. Clark (1898-1979); and Benjamin H. Ashman (1892-1983).

Bottom Row l-r: Lizzie McKay, Margaret Sears, Cecelia Wieder (1902-1956) m. Oscar T. Davis (1894-1963), Pearl Larson, Mildred Bland (1902-1987) m. Harry Lucas (1901-1951); Salome Bailey (1902-1962) m. Mr. Watkins, Henrietta McEwen (1900-1978) m. Horace Gladney (1894-1975), and Lucille McKay

"No graduates this year."(The Ocean Springs News, March 16, 1916, p. 1)



 Benjamin Hamlin Ashman, principal-


Mildred D. Ashman (1890-1975), Agnes Bland (1895-1979), Lenora M. Hann, Florence Morrow, Shell Phillips, and Marjorie Watkins.(The Jackson County Times, November 18, 1916, p. 1)


Agnes Bland (1902-1987) was called "Missy" was the daughter of Dr. Jasper J. Bland (1850-1932), ) a native of Deasonville in Yazoo County, Mississippi, and Agnes Elizabeth Edwards (1868-1936) of New Orleans.  The Bland family moved to Ocean Springs from New Orleans in 1906.  In addition to his medical practice at Ocean Springs, Dr. Bland was the proprietor of the Beach-New Beach Hotel from 1899 to 1918.  He also became active in the social and political affairs of the community.  In 1909, Dr. Bland endorsed a municipal bond issue for the benefit of the schools and improvement of streets and sidewalks.  Dr. Bland was appointed to the School Board for one term in April 1910.  He ran for Alderman from Ward 4 in 1914 losing to former mayor, John Duncan Minor (1863-1920). 

"Missy" Bland taught Latin and other higher grades at the Ocean Springs High School during the 1916-1917 school term.  She was admired by her students and rated excellent by her peers.  During the summer of 1917 she studied Spanish and advanced Latin at Tulane University in New Orleans.  Agnes Bland married Urban Beh (1899-1990) in 1923.  They resided at Los Angeles.  Their children are: Jean Beh Beek (b. 1925) and Richard Beh (b. 1927).




Homer E. Warren, principal, was born at Thaxton, Mississippi.  He attended the University of Mississippi, and came to Ocean Springs from Mississippi City where he was also the principal and teacher.   Warren had nine years experience as an educator. (The Jackson County Times, May 12, 1917, p. 5 and September 15, 1917)


Agnes Bland (1895-1979) married Urban Beh (1899-1990), asst. high school; Mrs. F.A. Murphy, asst. high school; Ida Ober, grades 7 and 8; Shell Phillips, grades 5 and 6; Mable Tardy, grades 3 and 4; and Florence Morrow, primary.  Mrs. Murphy had been teaching at Logtown while Miss Tardy had been teaching in the country schools.  Misses Bland, Morrow, Ober, and Phillips had taught previously at Ocean Springs.(The Jackson County Times, September 15, 1917, p. 1)


Class of 1918

The Senior Class consisted of: Mary Harmer Irvine, Rebecca Ellen McEwen Clark (189-1968), Samuel Chester Davis (1900-1973), Albert Lynd Gottsche (1902-1974), and Robert Ernest Morris (1902-1970).  Graduation was held in the school auditorium on the evening of May 31, 1918.  The Class of 1918 chose the following themes: Motto- “Launched but not anchored” .  Color-Old Gold and Purple.  Flower-Rose.(The Jackson County Times, June 8, 1918, p. 5 and Class of 1918 invitation)






A.H. Shannon, principal-before becoming principal at Ocean Springs Public School, Professor Shannon had taught English at Mississippi A.&M. College (now MSU).(The Jackson County Times, September 9,1916, p. 5)


Caroline Gilbert [high school]; Ida Ober [high school]; Mable Tardy [6th and 7th grades]; Iris Johnson [4th and 5th grades]; Irene Dickson [2nd and 3rd grades]; and Florence Morrow [primary].(The Jackson County Times, July 13, 1918, p. 5)

Class of 1919

Salome Bailey, Henrietta McEwen, and Cecelia Wieder.(The Jackson County Times, May 24, 1919, p. 5)




A.H. Shannon, principal

Class of 1920

[image courtesy of Roy Baker via Charles Lawrence Galle]

Eleanor May Baker [front row-first lady from left], Isabelle Hodges, and Ethelyn Phelps.(The Jackson County Times, May 29, 1920, p. 5)



W.H. Lewis, principal


Carolyn Gilbert, Ida C. Ober, Mabel Tardy, Beatrice McEwen, Alicia Dickson, and Florence Morrow.(The Jackson County Times, May 29, 1920, p. 5)





C.R. Talbot, principal;  Father of Arlete Talbot and V.G. Talbot of New Orleans.(The Daily Herald, May 13, 1922, p. 5)  Mrs. Talbot of Algiers, Louisiana at the Nill Cottage on Porter in July 1899.(The PD-S, July 7, 1899, p. 3)


Future Ocean Springs Teachers awaiting train at Gulfport? for Hattiesburg, Mississippi and the Normal School

[L-R: Mabel Tardy, Beatrice McEwen (1891-1984), Mr. Goff, and Rebecca E. McEwen Clark (1898-1968).  Courtesy of Rebecca Clark Bishop, Forts Lake, Mississippi]

In May 1921, the local school board met and elected the following teachers for the 1921-1922 scholastic year:  Professor Campbell of Blackshire, Alabama, principal; Ida Ober; Miss Wilkerson of Pelahatchie, Mississippi; Alicia Dickson; Henrietta McEwen Gladney (1900-1978); Beatrice McEwen (1891-1984); Leah Jermyn of Handsboro, Mississippi; and Florence Morrow.(The Jackson County Times, May 7, 1921, p. 3)

Kreutz Medals

At the commencement of the school year, local jeweler, Phillip N. Kreutz (1869-1934) donated two silver medals to the scholars posting the highest marks in the Ocean Springs public high school and grammar school.  For the 1921-1922 school term, Donald Benefield had an average of 96, while Stanford Williams with an 86 was the leader in the lower grades.(The Daily Herald, June 5, 1922)



Professor T.A. Sewell, principal

Thomas Addis Sewell (1886-1925+) was born June 11, 1886 at Troy, Grenada County, Mississippi.  The family relocated to Springville, Pontotoc, Mississippi before May 1917.  Thomas A. Sewell was elected principal of the Ocean Springs Public School in July 1922.  He had been at the Mississippi Normal College at Hattiesburg as early as May 1917 where he was a 'special police'. When hired for the job as principal here, Professor Sewell was teaching manual training and penmanship at the Normal College.  His salary was $1800 for nine months.(World War I Draft Registration R1683135 Pontotoc, Mississippi and The Daily Herald, July 4, 1922, p. 2)


Florence Morrow, Mary Irvine, Alicia Dickson, Henrietta McEwen, Beatrice McEwen, Ida Ober, and Beryl Bailey.  Elizabeth Smith Keys was elected principal of the colored school and Doris Paige, assistant.(The Jackson County Times, June 24, 1922, p. 5 and The Jackson County Times, May 5, 1923, p. 5)


The graduating class was composed of only two students, George McEwen, and Curtis Wright.  Dr. S.P. Powell of Long Beach, Mississippi addressed the Class of 1923.

There were sixteen pupils who graduated into high school from the eighth grade.(The Jackson County Times, May 26, 1923, p. 5)



Professor T.A. Sewell, principal

The $65,000 bond issue for new school failed at a special election held in late September 1923.  Light turnout of voters 129 against and only 68 for the project.(The Jackson County Times, October 6, 1923, p. 5)

Senior class officers: Arlene White, president, Rebecca Danenhower, v.p., and John P. Edwards II, secretary.(The Jackson County Times, September 29, 1923, p. 5) 

Class of 1924

Five graduates: Rebecca Danenhower, John P. Edwards II, Bernard “Bennie” P.  Seymour (1907-1969), Ellen Scharr Clarke Easton (1906-1996), and Arlene White (1907-2000).  Class flower-the rose; Class colors-pink and green.(The Jackson County Times, June 14, 1924, p. 5)

Rebecca Danenhower and Arlene White both finished their fine academic careers with identical scholastic averages and were dually awarded gold medals for their efforts.  Phil Kreutz, local jeweler, provided one and the public school gave the other.  Miss Danenhower also received the Lincoln medal.  John Edwards earned two medals-one for the most organized English notebook, and the other as a prize presented to him at the Coast field meet where he received the highest honors in Current History.  Stanford Williams was presented a gold medal given by the Ocean Springs State Bank for the best scholastic average in the grammar school.(The Daily Herald, May 27, 1924, p. 2)

Shortly after graduation, Miss Ellen Scharr left for the Normal School at Hattiesburg, Mississippi.(The Daily Herald, June 7, 1924, p. 5)






Miss Inell Orrell left the faculty at the end of the 1924-1925 school term and returned to her home at Holly Springs, Mississippi.(The Daily Herald, June 16, 1925, p. 7)

Students from Ocean Springs who graduated from Biloxi High School in May 1925: Lucretia Money, Roger Holloway, James Garrard, and John Edwards.  Miss Money and James Garrard had parts in the class play.(The Jackson County Times, May 30, 1925, p. 3)





S.A. Chandler, principal

Sterling Albert Chandler Jr. (1899-1983) was born on November 13, 1899 in Clay County, Mississippi.  In September 1918, he was a student domiciled at 21 East Broad Street  in West Point, Clay County, Mississippi.  Mr. Chandler married Sarah W. Chandler (1897-1983) circa 1926.  He left Ocean Springs and settled at Columbus, Mississippi, which is near West Point.  Sterling A. Chandler made his livelihood in Columbus as an accountant.  He expired here in February 1983.  Mrs. Sarah W. Chandler followed closely her spouse in death also at Columbus, Mississippi expiring in August 1983.(WW I Draft Registration R 1682707-Clay County, Mississippi, 1930 Lowndes Co., Mississippi Federal Census R1157, p. 1A, Ed 17)


Elizabeth Barbee, Eva Croft, Belle Gough, Mary Gough, Frances Jolly, W.H. Lewis, Florence Morrow, Mable Oakes, Amy Quick, Bertie Swearengen, and Virginia Thompson.  Salaries-principal, $175 per month.  Teachers, $75 -$100 per month.  Black principal-Ruth Keys-$75 per month; black teacher-Rosalie Bethea-$45 per month.(The Jackson County Times, November 7, 1925, p. 3)

In the summer of 1926, Amy Quick and Elizabeth Barbee attended Tulane.  Belle Gough, Mary Gough, and May Belle Oaks retuned to their homes in Arkansas, while Virginia Thompson and Francis Jolly went to Batesville and Holly Springs respectively.(The Jackson County Times, June 12, 1926, p. 3)


Boys team composed of: Dudley Brumfield, Tony Catchot, Henry Endt, Ambrose Fayard, and Bernard VanCourt.  The girls’ squad was made up of: Edna Green, Emily Ryan, Sarah Stuart, and Georgine Voivedich.(The Jackson County Times, November 21, 1925, p. 5)


Class of 1926

Arlene M. White (1907-2000) and Margaret Heath Schmidt (1908-1983).

Stanley Armstrong, Alfretta Newcomb (1904-1932), and Marion Westbrook graduated from Biloxi High School.  George Lemon and Gordon Van Cleave finished at Harrison-Stone-Jackson A.H.S. while Amelia Seymour graduated from the Sisters Convent at Biloxi.(The Jackson County Times, June 5, 1926, p. 5)

Alforetta Newcomb (1904-1932) was a member of the 1926 Class of Biloxi High School where she carried the moniker “Tattletale”.  The “Oracle of Delphi”, the 1926 graduating class prophet, related that, Alforetta would resign her position as lady Mayor of Ocean Springs and become the first woman president of the United States.”  Alforetta Newcomb married Leo B. Dale (1905-1954).



S.A. Chandler, principal; Florence Morrow, asst. principal.



Elizabeth Barbee, Eva Croft, Mary Gough, Frances Jolly, W.H. Lewis, Florence Morrow, May Belle Oakes, Amy Quick, Bertie Swearengen, Virginia Thompson, and Fanny Wise (Yazoo City).(The Jackson County Times, September 11, 1926, p. 3)

Professor Chandler was remunerated $250 per month while teachers salaries ranged from $112 to $75 per month.(TOS Minute Bk. Jan. 4, 1916 to December 27, 1928, p. 420)




S.A. Chandler, Superintendent;



Salome Bailey, Elizabeth Barbee, Cora Belle Cole, W.H. Cole, Margaret Dunshie, Catherine Hadley, Irene Hunter, Frances Jolly, Virginia T. Lee, W.H. Lewis, Corrine McClure, Florence Morrow, Mary C. O’Keefe, Amy Quick, and Fannie Wise.  Mrs. Stockard was in charge of the cafeteria.(The JXCOT, September 10, 1927, p. 1 and March 17, 1928, p. 1)


Miss Mary Cahill O'Keefe

(image made circa 1924 when Miss O'Keefe was Chair of Modern Languages at the Biloxi Public High School.  From The Beacon Glow, 1924, p. 17.  The Beacon Glow was the Biloxi High School Annual)


The first faculty

Professor S.A. Chandler, a native of West Point, Mississippi, was the first principal of the new school.  His faculty consisted of the following educators: W.H. Lewis, Miss Barbee, Miss Amy Quick, Miss Margaret Dunshie, Miss Francis Jolly, Miss Mary Cahill O' Keefe (1893-1980), Miss Salome Bailey (Watkins), Miss Florence Morrow (1877-1936), Miss Irene Hunter, Mrs. Virginia T. Lee (1901-1986), Miss Hadley, and Miss Fannie Wise.  Miss Corrine McClure (1887-1961) was the music teacher and Mrs. Stockard ran the cafeteria.(The Jackson County Times, September 10, 1927, p. 1)


Girls basketball team

Dale, Davida Davidson, Meyers, Sarah Stuart (sic), M. Small, and I. Small.


The 1927 football team

The 1927 Ocean Springs High School football squad was called the Panthers.(The Jackson County Times, October 15, 1927, p. 3, c. 3)   When they reported for training in September 1927, Coach William H. Cole related to the press that his gridsters were light of weight, but heady and fast.(The Jackson County Times, September 4, 1927, p. 5, c.3)

The Ocean Springs Panthers' starting eleven was composed of: Frank C. Beuhler (1909-1985), LE; Theo Bechtel Jr. (1909-2003), LT; Judlin H. Girot (1912-1970), LG; Leroy White, C, Schuyler Poitevent (1911-1978), RG; F.J. Lundy, RT; Henry Endt (1910-1989), RE; Carl 'Mexi' Dick, LH; Elwin Friar (1910-1970), RH; Bernard VanCourt (1910-1976), FB and Captain; and Richard Hrabe (1910-1979), QB.(The Jackson County Times, October 29, 1927, p. 2, c. 4)


The 1927 football team, in addition to its small size, was handicapped in that they did not have a home field to play their games.  Their record was 2 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties.  Victories came at Pascagoula (7-0) and Escatawpa (24-6) while the teams' only defeat was by the Long Beach squad (0-6).  Hard fought ties were in contests against Bay St. Louis (0-0) and Biloxi (12-12).(The Jackson County Times, October 1, 1927, p. 3, c. 5; October 8, 1927, p. 2, c. 2; October 29, 1927, p. 2, c. 4; and November 5, 1927)    



Class of 1928

Sarah Stewart, Leroy White, Seth McEwen, Theodore Bechtel Jr., and Frank Buehler.  Frank Buehler was the class valedictorian and Sarah Stewart, the salutatorian.(The Jackson County Times, June 2, 1928, p. 3)


The first graduation class-May 1928

On May 31, 1928, the following graduates were awarded diplomas from the Ocean Springs High School by School Board member, Louis Jean-Baptisite Mestier: Theodore Bechtel Jr. (1909-2003), Frank C. Beuhler (1909-1985), Seth McEwen (1909-1986), Sarah Stewart, and Leroy White.(The Jackson County Times, June 2, 1928, p. 3, c. 3)  Although two others students in the 1928 graduation class had the same scholastic average as Frank C. Beuhler, he was named Valedictorian of the class since he had a better attendance record.  Local jeweler, Phil N. Kreutz (1869-1934), donated two gold medals to the public school.  One was awarded to Beuhler as Valedictorian and the other to Catherine Carver, a third grader, for her perfect attendance record.(The Jackson County Times, May 26, 1928, p. 2, c. 4)


In April 1928, several members of the Senior Class had distinguished themselves at the Literary Field Meet in Biloxi.  Theo Bechtel Jr. won second place in Biology and Frank Beuhler was awarded forth place in English and Rhetoric.  Ocean Springs High School placed third among the competing educational institutions of the Gulf Coast.  Lower classmen, Francesca Spencer (1912-1963) and Schuyler Poitevent (1911-1978), won gold medals for their knowledge of American History and Current History.(The Jackson County Times, April 28, 1928, p. 2)




Faculty: Salome Bailey, Amy Quick


Class of 1929

Top L-R: Richard A. Hrabe (1910-1979), Davida Davidson Hrabe (1911-1996)Tressie Hudson, Lillie Mae Van Court Fayard, Rachel Schrieber Wright Pettus (1911-1968), and Schuyler Poitevent (1911-1978). Bottonm L-R: Louise Ladner Blackmon, Lillian Ryan, Lucille Amy Scharr Webb (1910-2001), Bernadette Armstrong Cavanah (b. 1909), and Francesca Spencer Howard (1911-1973).[from The Ocean Springs Record, August 7, 1980]


Class of 1929

The 1929 Senior Class consisted of: Davida Davidson, Francesca Spencer, Lillie Mae Van Court, Bernadette Armstrong, Tressie Hutson (sic), Louise Ladnier, Rachel Schrieber, Schuyler Poitevent, Lucille Scharr, Lillian Ryan, and Richard Hrabe.  Davida Davidson, was valedictorian and Francesca Spencer, salutatorian.  Class officers-Lucille Scharr, president; Davida Davidson, vice-president; Richard Hrabe, secretary-treasurer.(The Daily Herald, June 3, 1929, p. 2 and The Jackson County Times, May 25, 1929, p. 3)




Mary Cahill O’Keefe (1893-1980), principal-$225 per month; Gerald Hause, asst. principal-$150 per month;



Amy Quick-$130 per month; W.H. Lewis-$128.63 per month; Florence Morrow-$115 per month; Lucretia Money-$115 per month; Annie F. Jones-$115 per month; Marie Arndt-$115 per month; Mildred van Kamp-$115 per month; Frances Jolly-$86. 25 per month; Mary Irvine-$80 per month; Mary Joachim-$76.66; Floy Watson-$74.75; Dorothy B. Manning-$40.25; and Elizabeth Barbee-$38.35.


Colored School-Elizabeth Keys-$70 per month and Nellie Thompson-$50 per month.  Helen Granitz-$60 per month.(TOS, Ms. Minute Book (11-1-1929 to 11-6-1934), p. 48)



Mary C. O’Keefe , principal and French teacher; Lucretia Money, English; Amy Quick, History; Annie Fay Jones, Latin; Mildred von (sic) Kamp, Commercial subjects; Gerald Hause, General Science and Coach; Marie Arndt, Junior High English; Frances Jolly, 4th Grade; Elizabeth Barbee, 1st and 2nd Grades; Mary Irvine, 3rd Grade; Florence Morrow, Primary; and W.H. Lewis, Junior High Mathematics.(The Jackson County Times, August 17, 1929, p. 3)

In June 1929, Dewitt Pendleton of Vernon, Alabama was elected as coach of Ocean Springs High School for the 1929-1930 school term.  Pendleton was expected to use the Wade System of Coaching, which was developed at the University of Alabama.(The Daily Herald, June 13, 1929, p. 2)


1930 Class

Class: Katie May Cox Bolton, Henry Joseph Endt (1910-1989), Hilda Elizabeth Friar (191-1987), Judlin H. Girot (1912-1970), James Frederic “Boots” Hoffman (1912-1937), George Herman Granitz (1909-1981), Sara Kirkpatrick Lemon (1910-2007), Frank Jefferson Lundy, Inez Camille Ryan, and Ila Rae Small.  Hilda Friar was the valedictorian and Ila Rae Small, the salutatorian.  George H. Granitz received the Interstate Bank & Trust Company Medal for his essay, “Navigation on the Mississippi River and Its Tributaries”which was deemed the best.(The Daily Herald, May 31, 1930, p. 2)


1930 Jr. High Graduation

Those receiving diplomas for their graduation to the ninth grade were: Anna Mae Beaugez; Beverly Dalgo; Charles Engbarth; J.K. Ladnier; Louis Mestier; Doris Michael; Audrey Young; Henry Weyerstall, George Shell; Edna Pearce; Vera Madsen; Sue Richards; and John Mitchell.(The Daily Herald, May 30, 1930, p. 8)



Mary Cahill O’Keefe (1893-1980), principal-$225 per month; Gerald Hause, asst. principal-$150 per month;



On September 6, 1930, a general meeting of the faculty was held at the OSHS.  The faculty at this time consisted of: Mary C. O'Keefe, Superintendent; Marie Arndt Alexander (1905-1994); Elizabeth Barbee; Irene Hunter; Mary Irvine; Annie Fay Jones; Frances Jolly; Florence Morrow; Amy Quick; Mildred von Kamp; Gerald Hause; Joe M. Rash, and Wilma Huntley.(The Daily Herald, September 1, 1930, p. 2)

Amy Quick-$130 per month; Marie Alexander-$115 per month; Irene Hunter-$115 per month; Wilma Huntley-$115 per month; Annie F. Jones-$115 per month; Florence Morrow-$115 per month.(Town of Ocean Springs, Ms. Minute Book (11-1-1929 to 11-6-1934), p. 106)

In December 1930-January 1931, Amy Quick spent the Christmas holidays at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.N. Quick, of Collins, Mississippi.(The Daily Herald, January 6, 1931, p. 20

Katherine Boyette of Slidell, Louisiana joined the faculty in March 1931 to replace Marie Arndt Alexander.(The Daily Herald, March 21, 1931, p. 2)

In the fall and winter of 1951 and 1953 respectively, Miss Amy Quick visited at Ocean Springs with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jordan.  She was assistant principal at Bogalusa High School.(The Gulf Coast Times, October 18, 1951, p. 2 and December 31, 1953, p. 3)

1931 Class

Class: Mathilda Elizabeth 'Betty' Bradford Milsted (1913-2009), Clifton Lee Davis (1912-1976), Carl H. “Mexi” Dick (1909-2000), Myrle “Sally” Girot Williams Staley (1913-1961), Flossie Heath, Jessie Hoffman Williams (1912-1989), Rita Brown Honor Friar (1913-1985), Margaret Lewis Lemon Halstead (1913-1999), Bernice Pabst Mitchel Esche (1913-2011), Ralph Siebert, William C. Richards (1914-2004), and Elinor Wright Scharr (1913-1953).  The Junior-Senior banquet was held at the French Hotel.(The Daily Herald, May 27, 1931, p. 2)



Graduation ceremonies were held on May 29th in the school auditorium.  Those honored were: Ralph Siebert, valedictorian, who also won the Interstate Bank and Trust Medal and a Tulane scholarship; William Richards, salutatorian, and a University of Virginia scholarship; and Bernice Pabst and Elizabeth Bradford, scholarships to Draughn's Business  School.  Mrs. John B. Honor opened her home for a post-graduation party which featured dancing, refreshments, and exquisite floral arrangements.(The Daily Herald, June 2, 1931, p. 7)


1931 Class favorites

In April, the results of the annual popularity contest were announced:  Prettiest girl and handsomest boy-Sue Richards and Harry Rehage; Best dressed girl and boy-Virginia Bradley and Carl H. Dick; Most athletic girl and boy-Beryl Girot and Roy Riviere; Wittiest girl and boy-Margaret Lemon and J.K. Lemon; Best all around girl and boy-Brown Honor and Henry Parlin; Dignified Senior-William Richards; Jolliest Junior-Elinor Coates; Sophisticated Sophomore-Bobbie Davidson; Greenest Freshman-J.K. Ladnier; Flossie Heath-vamp and Everett Busbee-the Sheik.(The Daily Herald, April 11, 1931, p. 6)


In January 1931, the following Ocean Springs students were attending college: Morris Baker, Clarence Williams, and Harry Schmidt-Tulane; Clista Newcomb, Elwin Friar, Frank Buehler, and Bernard Van Court-Perkinston; Francesca Spencer-Randolph-Mason; Davida Davidson-Virginia Intermont; Hilda Friar-Whitworth; Tim Simpson-GCMA; and Jim Garrard-Michigan.(The Daily Herald, January 6, 1931, p. 2)



Mary Cahill O’Keefe (1893-1980), principal.



A.O. Gaar, Nettie E. Akin, Katharine Boyett, Nash K. Burger, Dorothy Daspit, Ethel Goodman, Mary Irvine, Frances Jolly, Ruth McAulliffe, Ruth McCullough, Florence Morrow, and Mildred von Kamp.(TOS, Ms. Minute Book (11-1-1929 to 11-6-1934), p. 194) 

In September 1931, Miss O’Keefe announced that the school faculty for the coming year was composed of: Florence Morrow, who has taken Extension work with the University of Chicago during the past summer; Miss Ruth McAuliffe, B.A. Agnes Scott; Miss Mary Irvine, who has been attending Detroit Teachers’ College;  Miss Frances Jolly; Miss Katherine Boyett, B.A. MSCW; Miss Ruth McCullough, B.A. Woman’s College; Miss Nettie Elizabeth Aiken, B.A. Peabody College, who has attended Peabody during the summer; Miss Mildred von Kamp; A.O. Garr, B.A. Louisiana College; N.K. Buyer, B.A. Sewanee University; Miss Dorothy Daspit, B.A. Newcomb College; Miss Ethel Goodman, B.A. MSCW, summer work at the University of Virginia.(The Daily Herald, September 9, 1931, p. 3)

The commencement of the 1931-1932 school year saw seven new teachers join the faculty of Miss O’Keefe.  They were: Ruth McCullough, English; Nettie E. Aiken, history; Dorothy Daspit, mathematics; Ethel Goodman, Latin; Ruth McAuliffe, 2nd grade; A.O. Gaar, coach and science; Nash K. Burger, Junior High English and history.  In addition a group of students from the St. Martin community were attending the school.(The Daily Herald, September 26, 1931, p. 5)

In April 1932, Ocean Springs competed academically against other Class B schools in the Gulf Coast Field, Track, Literary, and Platform meet.  Winners were: Katherine Snyder, first place in 1st Year Algebra; Joyce Davidson, second place Ancient History; Virginia Bradley, first place in American History; Winifred Carver, first place in Chemistry; Katherine Lundy, first place in Typewriting.(The Daily Herald, April 18, 1932, p. 5)

 A.O. Garr (1909-1981) was also the football coach.  In 1950, he was residing at Atlanta, Georgia where he was employed by the Carroll Dunham Smith Pharmaceutical Co. of New Brunswick, New Jersey.  His son, C. Gaar (1932-1988), was born at Ocean Springs on July 6, 1932 and entered college in the fall of 1950.(The Gulf Coast Times, October 6, 1950, p. 1)

Eleanor Bradford Lemon relates that Lucretia Money taught her English in her senior year.(Lemon, January 7, 2002)

Class of 1932

(standing: l-r: George "Fritz" Van Court; Orwin Scharr; Oscar Seymour; Charles L. Snyder; Henry Parlin; and J.K. Lemon (1914-1998).  (sitting: l-r: Evelyn Ramsay; Della Bare; Eleanor Coates; Bernice VanCourt; Dorothy Pearce; Laura Zettel; Eleanor Bradford Lemon; and Katheryn Lundy.

1932 Class

The Class of 1932 was composed of Della Bare, Eleanor Bradford Lemon, Elinor Coates, J.K. Lemon (1914-1998), Kathryn Lundy Howland (1914-1978), Henry Parlin (1912-1984), Dorothy Pearce, Evelyn Ramsay Seymour (1915-1974), Orwin Scharr (1914-2002), Oscar L. Seymour (1912-1964), Charles L. Snyder (1914-2000), Bernice VanCourt Williams, George Van Court (1913-1984), and Laura Zettel.(The Daily Herald, April 26, 1932, p. 2)

Katheryn Lundy was the valedictorian.  In the fall of 1931, Beryl Girot and Andrew Westbrook were elected cheerleaders for the year. 




Mary C. O’Keefe, superintendent.


                                                                             1933 Class

The Class of 1933 was made up of Wilford Beaugez (1913-1994), Margaret Benton, Standish J. Bradford (1914-1992), Winifred Carver, Iris Cobb, Dolores “Bobby” Davidson Smith (1916-1997), Beryl Girot Riviere (1916-2011), Pauline Hoffman, Elizabeth Parlin, Elizabeth Ryan, Ruth Ryan, Louise Van Court, and Andrew Westbrook.(Beryl Girot Riviere, March 16, 2002)

In their Junior year, Billie Hrabe was elected class president.  Mary Louise Brander served as v-p, while Bobbie Davidson was selected as sec.-treasurer of the class.(The Daily Herald, September 26, 1931, p. 5)



Mary C. O’Keefe, superintendent.


Nettie E. “Polly” Akin (New Hampshire?, Tennessee); Kathryn Boyett (Slidell, Louisiana); Dorothy Daspit (Houma, Louisiana); Mary Elizabeth Eley (Moss Point); Ethel Goodman (Ocean Springs); Mary Irvine (Ocean Springs); Frances Jolley (Batesville, Mississippi); Mildred von Kamp (Atlanta, Georgia); Coach L.M. LeCroy (Collins, Alabama); and Ruth McCullough (Florence, Mississippi).  New teachers were: Mary Elizabeth Eley and Coach L.M. LaCroix.  Misses Goodman, Akin, Jolley, McCullough, and Coach LeCroy were in residence at the French Hotel, while Misses Boyett, Daspit, and von Kamp found quarters in the Eglin House on Washington Avenue.(The Daily Herald, September 13, 1933, p. 8)

In December 1933, Coach LeCroy, teacher and coach, at the Public School resigned to take a job to work in the research department of the Standard Oil Company at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.(The Jackson County Times, December 9, 1933, p. 3)

In June 1934, Miss Nettie E. Akin of Havenshire, Tennessee who taught history since the 1931-1932 school year, resigned her position to return home.(The Jackson County Times, June 2, 1934, p. 3)

Also in June 1934, Katherine Boyett married John Baltar of Biloxi in the home of Lawrence Fabacher at Biloxi.  She was the daughter of R.B. Boyett of Slidell, Louisiana.  He was the son of Mrs. W.W. Baltar.(The Jackson County Times, June 9, 1934, p. 3)


1934 Class

The 1934 Class had their commencement ceremonies on May 24, 1934.  Members o f this class were: Edna Asher, Anna Mae Beaugez, Ernest Busbee, Albert Holmes, Mary Alice “Billie” Hrabe Rehage, J.K. Ladnier, Louis Mestier (1916-1994), Edna Pierce, Harry John Rehage (1914-1999), Henry Weyerstall (1913-1987), and Audrey Young Sterken (b. 1917).  Audrey Young was the Valedictorian and Anna Mae Beaugez, the Salutatorian.  Miss Young received a four-year scholarship to L.S.U. at Baton Rouge and Louis Mestier was awarded the Tulane scholarship.(The Daily Herald, June 1, 1934, p. 3)

The Ocean Springs High School girls basketball team won the Mississippi Gulf Coast Championship defeating Escatawpa 49-32.  Team members were: Vertalee Bradford Van Cleave, (The Daily Herald,  February 26, 1934, p. 2)



Mary C. O’Keefe, superintendent.


When the Ocean Springs Public School opened on September 3, 1934, there were about three hundred-thirty students enrolled.  Superintendent O’ Keefe welcomed them in the auditorium and related her plan for the school term.(The Jackson County Times, September 8, 1934, p. 1)


Merrick J. Chatelain, Dorothy Daspit, Davida Davidson, Ruth Dickey, Mary E. Eley, Hilda Friar, Mary Irvine, Ruth McCullough, Francesca Spencer, and Mildred von Kamp, and Mary Kate Westfall.(The Jackson County Times, August 11, 1934, p. 3 and September 8, 1934, p. 1, The Daily Herald, May 2, 1935, p. 1)



Class 1935

Isabelle Asher, Vertalee Bradford VanCleave (1916-2004)Merlin Beverly Dalgo (1917-2003), Lucille Fayard Hefner, Naomi Friar, Mary Joachim, Bliss Lemon Pinkerton (1917-2001), John Mitchell (1915-1963), Sue Richards Hardy, Roy J. Riviere (1914-2000), Louise Seymour, Norita Seymour, Georgia Shell Mitchell (1917-2015), Katherine Snyder.  Katherine Snyder was Valedictorian and Mary Joachim, Salutatorian.(The Daily Herald, May 23, 1935, p. 1)

In the 1934 state literary examinations, three of the six honors won by the schools of the Gulf Coast Region were awarded to students of the Ocean Springs public school.  Katherine Snyder place 1st in American History; Bliss Lemon garnered 3rd place in English; and in Algebra II, Louis Mestier was 3rd.(The Daily Herald, October 13, 1934, p. 8)




Mary C. O’Keefe, superintendent and M.J. Chatelain, principal.


Davida Davidson Hrabe, Dorothy Daspit, 

Class 1936

Helen Armstrong, Paul Bennett, Catherine Bourgeois Ryan, Margaret Bradford Chastain, Joyce Davidson, Marcelle Dessommes, Gladys Fayard, George Girot Nicholson (1918-1998), Dorothy Hunt Applegate, George McEwen, Lucille Mestier Morgan, Julia Miller, Nina Miller, Edward J. Riviere (1917-1968), Rita Seymour, Marie Thomas, and Margarita Weyerstall.(The Jackson County Times, June 6, 1936, p. 3)

Joyce Davidson, Valedictorian; Margarita Weyerstall, Salutatorian; Marcelle Dessommes, Giftorian; Julia Miller, Prophet; Dorothy Hunt, Historian; and Paul Bennett, Class Will.(The Jackson County Times, June 6, 1936, p. 3)

Girls basketball team

Captain: Eileen Benton, who played guard.  Team members-Centers: Catherine Bourgeios, Julia Miller, George Girot, Ellie Maxwell, and Joyce Miller.  Forwards: Nina Miller, Dorothy Hunt, Anita Williams, Evelyn Van Court, and Helen Rupp.  Guards: Mary Alice McEwen, Lucille Mestier, Rita Lema, Eileen Benton, and Margaret Brou.(The Jackson County Times, February 1, 1936, p. 3)




Mary C, O’Keefe, superintendent and Dorothy Daspit, principal.


Merrick J. Chatelain, coach and science; Ruth Dickey, English; Dorothy Daspit, mathematics; Clara Eley, intermediate geography and mathematics; Hilda Friar, commercial; Nancy Milner, study hall; Bama Phillips, primary; Marie Louise Ratelle, 2nd and 3rd grades; Francesca Spencer, Latin and intermediate English; Rose Helen Walker, 3rd and 4th grades, and Elinor Wright, history.(The Daily Herald, September 5, 1936, p. 2)

Class 1937

Joseph Barker, Lucille Basque Boone, Eileen R. Benton, Katheryn Carver Mathedias, John A. Catchot, Beryl Dalgo Woodruff, Curtis Fountain, C. Dickson Hodges Jr. (1919-1941), Dorothy Hovelmeir Borries, Raymond Jackson, Ruth McClure McGraw, Clifford G. Nelson, Clay M. Parlin (1918-1969), Leah Schrieber Thayer, Lurline Schrieber HallMyrna Ramsay Meyers, Roy J. Sousley, Earle R. Taylor, Juanita Webb Talianich, Frederick L. Westbrook Jr. (1919-2001); E. Frasier Wilkerson (1920-1987).

            Teachers: Dorothy Daspit, Davida Davidson (Hrabe), Coach Chatelain, Estelle Chatelain.

Class 1937

Front Row left to right: Raymond Jackson, F. L. Westbrook Jr., Joe Barker, Roy Sousley, Clay Parlin, Curtis Fountain, Earle Taylor, Frazier Wilkerson, A. J. Catchot, Clifford Nelson, and Dickson Hodges.
Second Row left to right: Aileen Cox, Juanita Webb, Ruth McClure, Katheryn Carver, Eileen Benton, Dorothy Hovelmeir, Lucille Basque, Dorothea Nelson, Myrna Ramsey, Beryl Dalgo, and Leah Schrieber.
Back Row left to right: Willie Lemon and Ruth Dickey. [identifications by Earle Taylor in December 2007]


Coach M.J. Chatelain

Mary C. O’Keefe, superintendent and M.J. Chatelain, principal.


Merrick J. Chatelain, coach and science; Ruth Dickey, English; Clara Eley, intermediate geography and mathematics; Hilda Friar, commercial; Thelma Jenkins (Hattiesburg); Nancy Milner, study hall; Genevieve Morris (Pascagoula); Bama Phillips, primary; Marie Louise Ratelle, 2nd and 3rd grades; Francesca Spencer, Latin and intermediate English; Rose Helen Walker, 3rd and 4th grades, and Elinor Wright, history.(The Daily Herald, September 5, 1936, p. 2 and  August 14, 1937, p. 5)



Mary C. O’Keefe, superintendent and M.J. Chatelain, principal, Ruth Dickey, Francesca Spencer, Hilda Friar, Eleanor Wright, Wilma Goad, Bama Phillips, Marie Louise Ratelle, Rose Helen Walker, Corinne McClure, Nancy Milner, Thelma Jenkins, and Genevieve Morris.(The Daily Herald, August 14, 1937, p. 5 and September 10, 1937, p. 5)  

Miss Daspit did not return from the last year faculty.  Genevieve Morris of Pascagoula and Miss Thelma Jenkins of Hatteisburg were new teachers at the Ocean Springs Public School.(The Biloxi Herald, August 21, 1937, p. 6)

Seventy-five students from the Lyon Consolidated School at Hilda, near Gautier enrolled.  There was an increase of 18 per cent enrollment over the past year.  Four school buses operating to transport rural students to the facility.  Sixteen seniors in the Senior Class.(The Daily Herald, September 10, 1937, p. 5)

[from the Thomas Handy Collection courtesy of Kim Handy]

CLASS 1938

Frank Davis, Louise Davis, James H. Edwards (1920-2000), Marguerite Holmes, Arthur Hunt, Anna R. Kolb Schrieber, Sidney Maxwell, Mary Alice McEwen Johnson, Lillie Miller, Charles Parlin, Margaret Rupp, Esther Ryan, Milton Seymour, Lillian Slay, and Anita Williams.  Class Valedictorian honors were shared by Louise Davis and Anita Williams while Anna R. Kolb was Salutatorian.(The Daily Herald, June 4, 1938, p. 1 and p. 5)



Mary C. O’Keefe, superintendent and M.J. Chatelain, principal,        Chatelain, E.W. Coker, Hilda Friar, Wilma Goad, Nell Heidelberg, Velma Jenkins, Nancy Milner, Bama Phillips, Francesca Spencer, Marie Ratelle Preis, Elinor Wright, and Audrey Young.  In May 1939, Miss Heidelberg resigned to pursue a Masters Degree at LSU, while Elinor Wright expected to go to Texas to teach in the fall.(The Jackson County Times, May 20, 1939, p. 1)


E.J. Coker, Hill? , Wilma Good, Velma Jenkins, Nancy Milner, Genevieve Morris, Bama Phillips, Marie L. Ratelle, Francesca Spencer, Elinor Wright, Estelle Taylor (Starkville) and Nell Heidelburg (Lafayette, Louisiana).(The Jackson County Times, September ?, 1938.

Class of 1939 Graduation
[image courtesy of David Perryman Drake]

top row, l-r: John Richards, Adrian Ryan, Arthur Webber, Edward C. 'Tiny' Johnson, Bruce K. Mohler, Robert Mohler, Thomas Handy, Emmett Gordon, E.J. Richards, and Arnold Van Court.

middle row, l-r: ?, ?, ?, Elizabeth Lemon Roberts, Dorothea Nelson, Alice O'Keefe Sebastian, and ?

bottom row, l-r: Alice Perryman Drake, Norma Richards, ?  Webber, Eula Webb Switzer, ?, Thelma Dale Christopherson, Elaine Lemien, Evelyn Van Court, and Lois Seymour.


8th Grade-March 1935

[image courtesy of Patricia Maxwell Letort]

top row: l-r: Mamie Keebler; ?; Mary Catherine Riddle; May Webber; Joyce Miller; Mary Alice Perryman; Rita Lema; Elizabeth Lemon; Dorothea Nelson; and Lucille Russell.

middle row: l-r.  Rebecca Guice; Evelyn Van Court; and Thelma Dale.

bottom row: l-r.  Tom Handy; Edward C. 'Tiny' Johnson; Bradley Thomas; Arthur Webber; Robert Lynd Maxwell; and E. John Richards.


CLASS of 1939

(top row, all girls, l-r: Elizabeth Lemon Roberts; Rose Webber; Dora O'Neal; and Rita ?             

(2nd row, all girls: Joyce Miller (seated); Lucille Russell; Thelma Dale; Marguerite Brou; Evelyn Van Court, Mae Reeves; Elaine Lemien; Alice O'Keefe Sebastian; May Weber; Lois Seymour; Dorothea S. Nelson; Dorothy Flucker; Norma Ruchards; and Eula Bullock

(3rd row, all boys seated, l-r: Adrian Ryan; Carl Byrd; Emmett Gordon; George Fluker; Arthur Webber; Arnold Van Court; and Bruce K. Mohler.
(bottom row, all boys seated, l-r: Robert C. Mohler (1921-2016), Ed Matheny; Edward C. 'Tiny' Johnson; John Richards; Edward Brou; Eugene Beaugez; E.J. Richards; and Thomas Handy.


CLASS 1939

On June 2, 1939, the following students received their diplomas: Thelma Dale Bradford Christopherson (1921-2008), Emmett Gordon (1920-1976), Rebecca Guice, Thomas Handy (b. 1922) , Edward C. Johnson, Elaine Lemien, Elizabeth Lemon Roberts (1921-2002), Joyce Miller, Bruce K. Mohler (1919-1948), Robert Mohler (b. 1921-2016), Dorothea S. Nelson, Alice O’Keefe Sebastian (1922-2011), Dora O’Neal, Mary Alice Perryman Drake (1919-2007), Mae Reeves, E.J. Richards, Norma Richards, Adrian Ryan, Lois Seymour, Arnold Van Court, Evelyn Van Court (192?-2006), Eula Webb Switzer, Arthur Webber, May Webber, and Rose Webber.  Dorothea Nelson was the Valedictorian of the class, while Elizabeth Lemon and John Richards shared the Salutatorian honors.(The Jackson County Times, May 27, 1939, p. 1)




Mary C. O’Keefe, superintendent and M.J. Chatelain, principal



Velma Jenkins, Francesca Spencer, Wilma Goad, Mrs. M.J. Chatelain, Mrs. J. Preis, Bama Phillips, Audrey Young, Nancy Milner, and E.W. Coker.(The Jackson County Times, May 20, 1939, p. 1)

In May 1939, Nell Heidelberg resigned her position to attend L.S.U. to pursue a Masters Degree.  Miss Elinor Wright went to Texas to teach.(The Jackson County Times, May 20, 1939, p. 1)

Margaret Benton, James W. Bishop, Estelle Chatelain (1891-1985), Margaret Colmer, Hilda Friar, Josephine Leavenworth, Nancy Milner, Bama Phillips, Marie L. Preis, Francesca Spencer, and Elinor Wright.(The Jackson County Times, September 9, 1939)


Football lettermen 1939 season

New Blue and Gray sweaters were presented to the following OSHS football players: Orion Baker, Donald Beaugez, Karl Byrd, Barney Dessommes, Lowell Davis, Donald Edwards, Harold Eley, Frank Haviland, Eugene Hill, Bob Hodges, Donald Mohler, Donal Snyder, Richard Steelman, and Jack Williams.(The Daily Herald, February 12, 1940, p. 3)







Class of 1940


Laurie Verner, valedictorian; Mildred Eley, salutatorian; Elise Zettel, class prophet; Harold Eley, class historian; Rosalie Todtenbier, class giftorian; and Betty Page Seay (1922-1998), class poet.  The class roll: Orion Baker II, Eugene H. Beaugez (1921-1992), Geraldine Byrd, Karl Hesey Byrd, Kenneth Carver, Alice Davidson Hire (1921-2004); Lowell Davis II, Harold Eley, Mildred Eley, Beryl Fayard Seymour(1919-1972), Frank Moss Haviland (1923-1994), Robert Hodges, Thomas Johnson, Ellie P. Maxwell Klein (1919-2007), Robert Lynd Maxwell (1920-2008), Margaret Miller Mohler, Charles I. Scharenberg (1922-1991), Donal McMullin Snyder (b. 1923), Franklin R. Snyder (1921-2003), Robert Van Winkle, Mae Nell Ryan Zanca (1921-1977), Betty Page Seay (1922-1998) m. Louis F. Singley, Rosalie Todtenbier Snyder (1922-1998), Laurie Verner (1922-1960), Elsa Weyerstall Sorby, and Elise Zettel Webber.(The Jackson County Times, May 25, 1940, p. 1 and Ocean Springs Chatter Book-1940)

Class Colors-Blue and White; Class Flower-Red Rose; Class Motto- “tis not fashion, form, or state, but git up and git that makes one great”.



M.C. O’Keefe, superintendent; M.J. Chatelain, principal.

New teachers: Elizabeth Barbee, Louise Engbarth, and Corinne McClure.(The Jackson County Times, September 14, 1940, p. 1)

Class 1941

Evelyn Louise Beaugez, Patricia C. Beaugez, Philip Edmond Brou, Clara Lucille Coates Rising, Beryl Ethel Fayard, Mary Lou Gordon, Marge Kennedy Guice Learned, Eugene Sydney Hill, Harry Hill (1921-1996), Frances A. Hovelmeier, Harold Ivon Illing Jr. (1922-1989), Frances Mae Manning, Margaret Ada McGregor Bolton (1922-2007), Beatrice Elinor McEwen, Donald Earl Mohler (1924-1989), Claudine May Orange, Helen Pauline Rupp, Curtis Michael Seymour, Edwin Mathews Snyder, Walterine “Sis” Verner Redding (1923-2005), and Jack Eugene Williams (1922-1981).

Clara Lucille Coates, Valedictorian; Philip Brou, Salutatorian.  Honor graduates: Clara Lucille Coates-Scholarship to Newcomb; Philip Brou; Claudine Orange; Donald Mohler; and Edwin Snyder.(The Daily Herald, May 31, 1941, p. 7)

Class Motto-Tonight we take off—where shall we land?  Class Colors-Blue and Gold; Class Flower-Red Rose.  Graduation was on May 30, 1941 in the school auditorium.

1940-1941 Football Team

[The Ocean Springs Record, September 30, 1971, p. 11]





M.C. O’Keefe, superintendent; M.J. Chatelain, principal.



Elizabeth Barbee, Margaret Benton, Estelle Chatelain, Margaret Donohoe (Hattiesburg), Hilda Friar, Josephine Leavenworth, Corinne McClure, S.V. Mason (Hurley), Gladys Marie Meyer, Betty Phillips (McComb), and Francesca S. Theriot.(The Jackson County Times, September 6, 1941, p. 1 and The Jackson County Times, September 13, 1941, p. 1)

Faculty: Elizabeth Barbee, Margaret Benton, Estelle Chatelain, Margaret Donohoe, Hilda Friar, Mary Joachim, Josephine Leavenworth, Virginia Lee, Sam V. Mason, Gladys M. Meyer, Corinne McClure, Betty Phillips, Martha Sanderson, and Francesca Theriot.(TOS, Minute Bk. December 1937 to December 1941)

CLASS 1942

Class motto: “Our ship is at sea, where shall it anchor?”


Annette Saxon O'Keefe (1924-1998) was valedictorian of the OSHS Class of 1942 with a GPA of 96.  Miriam Eley was class salutatorian with a 92 GPA.  Annette also won the American Legion award and the DAR award.(The Daily Herald, June 1, 1942, p. 3)

Robert Baker, Donald Beaugez, Jesse May Clifford, Doris Crysell Durbin, Mickey Davis Ames, Donald Edwards (1924-1982), Miriam Eley Karns, Mary Esther Handy Lemon Wilson, Rita Martin Steelman, Hulda Milner, Jo Mary McGowen Bickham, Annette Noble, Verne Pabst (b. 1924), Ione Park Purcell, Annette Saxon O’Keefe (1924-1998), Charlotte Rose Schrieber Blanchette, Lavone Scott, Eula May Tillinghast Patridge, Winona Webber Rather, Ben Wimberly, Elaine Young Mieheve (1922-2008).(The Daily Herald, June 1, 1942, p. 3 and The Ocean Springs Record, July 6, 1972, p. 6)



M.C. O’Keefe, superintendent; Hilda Friar, principal. 



Elizabeth Barbee, Dorothy Cade, Allie Ruth Chatham, Lucille M. Dennison (1895-1961), Alice Emily Mayne, Mildred A. Jones, Corinne McClure, Betty Phillips, Mary Constance Therrell, Frances S. Theriot, and Ruth Dickey White.(The Jackson County Times, September 12, 1942, p. 1)

Faculty: Elizabeth Barbee, Dorothy Cade, Lucile Dennison, Nadine Flippo, Allie G. Geibel, Alice E. Hague, Mary Joachim, Virginia T. Lee, Sally Hemphill, C.R. Martin, Corrine McClure, Mrs. C. Snyder, Connie F. Thoms, Ruth D. White.(TOS, Minute Bk. 4, p. 109)

Bus Drivers: Norman Rouse, Houston Rouse, and Aubrey Webb.  Janitor: Helen Granitz.(TOS, Minute Bk. 4, p. 109) 

CLASS 1943

Elaine Beaugez, Mary Alice Brumbaugh. Katherine Campbell, Charles Fayard, James Guice, William Hoeffer, Mary Alice Hovelmeier, Duncan Moran (1925-1995), Marshall Hefner, Clark Snyder, Junior Voivedich, Fred Ward, and June Williams, valedictorian. Charles Fayard was named most outstanding student in the Senior Class.  Mrs. Granitz retired after seventeen years of faithful service.(The Jackson County Times, June 5, 1943, p. 1)



M.C. O’Keefe, superintendent; Lucille M. Dennison, principal. 


Francesca Spencer, Dorothy H. Cade, Ruth Cooper, Martha Gardner, Ruth Geibel, Henrietta Gladney, Alice Emily Hague, Mary G. Joachim, Mildred A. Jones, Ena B. Knipple, Virginia T. Lee, Corinne McClure, Miriam Munroe, Ruth Painter, Louise T. Snyder, Ruth Dickey White.

CLASS 1944

[1st Row L-R: Joyce Beaugez; Francesca Spencer (1911-1971), Class sponsor?; Dot Ryan; Melba Lovet; Adrienne Illing Finnie; Oral Mae Ryan Senseney.  2nd Row L-R: Robert Forde; Bruce Edwards; Connally McGinty; and Gordon A. Ryan.  3rd Row L-R: H.P. Flateau (1888-1955), School Board; Mary Cahill O'Keefe (1893-1980), Superintendent; and an Army Air Corps chaplain?]

Class 1944

Joyce Beaugez, Bruce Edwards (1925-2003), Robert Forde (1927-2004), Adrienne Illing Finnie (1925-2002), Melba Lovitt, Connally McGinty (1927-1995), Doris Ryan, Gordon A. Ryan (1927-2002), Oral Mae Ryan Senseny, and Archie Tootle (1925-1975).  Doris Ryan was valedictorian.(Hi Memories-1944 and The Jackson County Times, June 1, 1944, p. 1)




           Mary C. O’Keefe resigned and S.S. Wall appointed in July 1945.


Class 1945

            Nell Baker, Glen Buckingham, Jean Carver, James Dennison* (USCG), Betty Eglin Fallo (1927-2004), Peggy Eglin, Marion Forde, Eugene W. Illing Jr., Jeanne King, Duane Lloyd, Charles Ray May* (USN), Billie McDaniels* (US Army), Betty Noel, Patricia Richards, Muriel Snyder, Evelyn Ora Ward, and Margie Westbrook Edwards (1927-2008).  Evelyn Ora Ward and Margie Westbrook (1927-2008) were Valedictorian and Salutatorian respectively.(The Daily Herald, June 4, 1945, p. 7)

* graduated in abstention as they were serving in the US Armed Forces during WW II.


Silbey S. Wall (1905-1963)


Silbey S. Wall, superintendent, Lucille M. Dennison, principal.  Faculty: L.D. Dunnaway; Henrietta Gladney, Winnie C. Golding; Alice E. Hague, Thomas Handy; Mary G. Joachim; Mildred Jones; Ena B. Knipple; Mrs. Ohio Knox; Corrine McClure; Francesca Spencer; Mrs. S.S.Wall, and M.C. O’Keefe, consultant.(Hi Memories-1946)

Silbey S. Wall (1905-1963) was born October 11, 1905 at Decatur, Newton County, Mississippi.  Mr. Wall came to Ocean Springs in the fall of 1945 from Pascagoula, Mississippi where he had been since 1942.  He was a graduate of Mississippi Southern College and had coached and was previously Superintendent at Beulah-Hubbard and Vancleave High Schools.  Mr. Wall resigned in 1950 to accept position with the New York Life Insurance Company.(The Jackson County Times, July 28, 1945, p. 1, The Pascagoula Chronicle Star, August 4, 1945, p. 1 and The Gulf Coast Times, April 7, 1950, p. 1)

Ena B. Knipple was the spouse of John Knipple.  He was with the Maritime Service in Pascagoula.  She left Ocean Springs before October 1946, to reside at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.(The Jackson County Times, October 12, 1946)

Class 1946

Oswald Beaugez, Fred Lemon, Durant Williams, Kathryn King, Louise Lynd, and Ernestine Zettel.(Hi Memories-1946)



S.S. Wall, superintendent, Lucille M. Dennison, principalFaculty: Helen Clark (Seminary); Flossie Davis (West Point, Ms.); Mary G. Joachim, Edith Wall, Mrs. Joe T. White (Hattiesburg), Mrs. John Mosley (Hattiesburg), Ann Hunnicut (Meridian), James Bell (Mobile), Mildred Jones (Newburg, S.C.), Francecsa Spencer, Mrs. W.E. David (Perkinston), Corinne Mc Clure, and Lucille Dennison.(The Jackson County Times, August 31, 1946, p. 1)

Faculty: Margaret Brou, Helen Clark, Inez Ackridge Galle, Florence Gambill, Vivian Girot (substitute), Mary G. Joachim, Mildred Jones, Virginia T. Lee, Corinne McClure, C.E. Roberts, Francesca Spencer, Edith Wall, F.L. Westbrook.( Hi Memories-1947, p. 3)

Class 1947

Hazel Beaugez, Robert 'Chubby' Beaugez, Harriet Blue, Mildred Butler, Eugene Catchot, Charles “Duke” Davis, Jack Dessommes, Robert Endt, Frances Esary, Katherine Farris, B.E. Flanangan, Gloria GayHobgood, Shirley Gray, Jerold Hayes, Robert Henry, Malcolm “Bud” Hodges, William Hodges, William Hayes Holmes, Charles Hutchinson, Virginia Lee, Shirley Lloyd Baker, Bruner Martin, Cecil Maxwell, Phyllis Murray, Bette Noel, Charles Rouse, Ronald Steelman (1929?-2002), Harvey Tootle, Jacqueline Voivedich, Eleanor Wasmer, and Betty Williams.(Hi Memories-1947, pp. 6-9)


Evelyn Avery from Pascagoula, Sally Beck, Mrs. Brandt from Pass Christian, Addie Gordon Cain, John Fletcher from Georgia, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwartz from Hattiesburg?.

Sally Beck did not return to the faculty in 1948-1949 school year as her husband, a civilian employee at KAFB, was transferred to Oklahoma, their former home.(The Daily Herald, June 7, 1949, p. 7)

Francesca Spencer resigned in May 1948, citing she could not tolerate conditions existing in the school.  Particularly incensed because her seniority had been ignored in regards advancement.  Went to St. Martin School for 1948-1949 school year.(The Jackson County Times, May 14, 1948, p. 1)           

Class 1948

Luther Basque (1930-2008), Joan Bethel, Peggy Carver Deshommes, Marilyn Davis, Tillie Davis Roberts, Beverly Perryman Drake, Edgar Wallace Edwards (1927-1996), Estelle Gay Williams Reese, Horace Gladney, Edgar P. Guice II (1928-2007), Edward King, Morris Kolb, A. Lynd Gottsche II, Richard H. Mohler, Walter Murphy, Jackie Richards, Joseph Ryan, Pete Steelman, Dot Storie, Aubrey Webb, and Benney Williams.  Marilyn Davis was valedictorian and Richard Mohler was salutatorian.(The Daily Herald, May 29, 1948, p. 10)


Class 1949

Michael Anderson, Jerry Bunch, Martha Essary, Virginia Forde, Dorothy Fountain, Paul Gattis Jr., Mara Lou Guice, Charles Hosey, Harold Hutchinson, Sharon Maurer, Stanley H. Mohler (1931-1988), Anna Ross, Jerry Webb, Milton Webb.  Stanley Mohler was valedictorian and Paul Gattis Jr., the salutatorian.(The Daily Herald, June 7, 1949, p. 7)


S.S. Wall, superintendent, Clay Boyd, principal.  Faculty: Agnes G. Anderson; Evelyn Avery, Mary E. Brandt, Wilhelmina Cockerham, John Fletcher, Florence Gambill, Thomas Handy, Joan Kennedy, Virginia T.Lee, Catherine Morris,Addis Pickett, Antoinette Swim, Edith Wall.(Hi Daze-1950, p.3)

Class 1950

Helen Bauman Guice, Charles Beaugez, Gwendolyn Beaugez Harry (1932-2005), Leona Cherry, Cecelia Fink Comeaux (1932-2001), Ann Joachim, Ferdinand Kiernan, Lloyd Lee Thompson, Graham McBryde, Anne Mathieu, Enid Mestier Richards (1933-1990), Graham McBryde, Jayne Nixon, Casmer Mathieu, Trixie Mullin Urie, Joy Smith Luckie, Otho Ray Spiers, Larry Williams, and Betty Wood.(Hi Daze-1950,pp. 5-7)


Coach Clay Boyd

Clay Boyd (1911-1974), principal and acting superintendent after S.S. Wall resigned; Clay Boyd, principal; Mrs. Mary Ellen Brandt, Agnes G. Anderson (1909-1991), Virginia T. Lee (1901-1986), Mrs. Addis G. Pickett, Mrs. Kathryn Morris, primary grades; Joan Kenndey-commercial department; John Fletcher-band director; Mildred Swim-home economics; Francesca Spencer (1912-1963)-English; Mrs. Opal Taconi (1915-1980) and Mrs. Pauline N. Loper-primary; Betty West Oliver-elementary; and                        ?, mathematics.(The Gulf Coast Times, April 7, 1950, p. 1)




Nolan E. Taconi

Nolan Edward Taconi (1910-1971), superintendent-a native of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, came to Ocean Springs in the fall of 1950, as Superintendent.  Graduate of Mississippi Southern University in 1935.  Previous experience was a coach, principal, and superintendent in Hancock County, Vancleave, and St. Martin schools.  Expired in his office on March 1971.(The Gulf Coast Times, April 7, 1950, p. 1 and The Daily Herald, March 9, 1971, p. 1)

Faculty: Clay Boyd, principal; Agnes G. Anderson, Ann C. Auer, Mary E. Brandt, John Fletcher, Mrs. L.D. Henderson, Virginia T. Lee, Pauline S. Loper, Kathryn R. Morris, Marjorie O’Briant, Mrs. M.S. Pickett, Erma P. Shields, Francesca Spencer, Mildred Swim, and Opal F. Taconi. (Hi Memories-1951, p. 2)

Faculty that attended PTA reception for school teachers: Virginia T. Lee, Ann C. Auer, Pauline Loper, Agnes G. Anderson, Mary E. Brandt, Luther Henderson, Addie G. Pickett, Katheryn Morris, Mildred Swim, and John Fletcher, and Clay Boyd.(The Gulf Coast Times, September 29, 1950, p. 1)          


Nolan Edward Taconi (1910-1971), superintendent; Clay Boyd, principal; Agnes G. Anderson, 1st Grade; Mrs. Ann C. Auer, Mathematics; Tommy Glass, Mrs. Jimmy R. Hughes, Harry J. Kanady, Virginia T. Lee, 4th Grade; Pauline Loper, 5th Grade; Addie G. Pickett, 3rd Grade; Josephine Phillips, Nancy Schubach, Francesca Spencer, English Department, head; Mrs. Emma Shields, 3rd and 4th Grade; Miss Mildred Swim, Home Economics; Mrs. Opal Taconi, 2nd Grade; and Miss Lucille Young.(Hi Memories-1952, p. 2 and The Gulf Coast Times, September 6, 1951, p. 1)

New faculty members were: John Glass (sic), social sciences and coach; Miss Lucille Young, commercial; Mrs. Jennie Hughes, English-Junior High; Harry J. Kanady, band director.  During the summer vacation, the school grounds and building were refurbished to permit the successful operation of the plant during the new academic year.             (The Gulf Coast Times, September 6, 1951, p. 1)

Former School Superintendent, Sibley S. Wall, who had replaced Bryan Bilbo, on the school board, resigned from his office in late January 1951.(The Gulf Coast Times, January 26, 1951, p. 1)



Nolan Edward Taconi (1910-1971), superintendent; Clay Boyd, principal; Agnes G. Anderson, Inez galle, Tommy Glass, J.P. Holcomb, Francesca Howard, Harry J. Canady, Virginia T. Lee, Pauline Loper, Miss Margaret Moore, Grace Neal, Marilena Penton, Mary Anne Sessions, Maybelle Smith, Miss Ivey Lou Storie, Mildred Swim, Opal Taconi, and Thelma Yeager.(Hi Memories-1953, p. 2)

Faculty: Eight new teachers-Ivye Lou Storie, Marilena Penton, Grace Neal, May Belle Smith, Mary Ann Sessions, Josie Ramsey, Selma C. Yeager, and Margaret Moore.

Clay Boyd, coach and social studies; Thomas Glass, asst. coach and social studies; Mrs. Francesca Spencer, English and Latin; Mildred Swim, home economics and science; Harry Kanady, band; Mrs. George Penton, Junior High English-Library; Mrs. Grace Neal, Junior High math and science; Mrs. May Belle Smith, math and science; Mrs. Mary Ann Sessions, commercial; Mrs. Josie Ramsey, 5th grade; Mrs. Thelma C. Yeager, 6th grade; Mrs. Virginia Lee, 4th grade; Mrs. E.M. Loper, 3rd grade; Mrs. Margaret Moore, 3rd and 4th grades; Mrs. N.E. Taconi, 2nd grade; Mrs. Agnes Anderson, 1st grade; and Ivye Lou Storie, 1st and 2nd grade.  Workshop instructor to be named later.(The Gulf Coast Times, September 8, 1952, p. 1)

Senior Class Officers

Donnie Mitchell, class president; Herbert Beaugez, vice-president; Donald Catchot, secretary; Charles Redding, treasurer; Raymond Beaugez, sergeant-at-arms; Francesca Spencer, class sponsor.(The Daily Herald, October 9, 1952, p. 14)




In January 1953, Mr. N.E. Taconi introduced several replacements and an addition to his educational staff: Martha Hays of Long Beach replaced Mary Ann Sessions as the Commercial Teacher; Mrs. Clarence Galle took the place of Josie Ramsay, the 5th grade teacher, who entered welfare work; and Mrs. Holcomb of Hattiesburg, a high school and junior high school mathematics teacher joined the staff.  At this time, the enrollment of the school was 570 students compared to 470 who had registered in May 1953 (sic).(The Daily Herald, January 7, 1953, p. 7)


Class of 1954

Thomas J. Bellman (1935-2007)


Class 1955

In this photo there are pictured 25 students and Mrs. Howard the class sponsor. Fifteen girls and ten boys are in the group. In the senior class individual photographs there are only twenty four students, ten boys and fourteen girls. All of the boys are accounted for in the group photo but there is one more girl in the group snapshot than appears in the individual class pictures. The young woman who can not be identified is sitting in front of Chester Estes and behind Jean Cherry. Of note, in the group shot, all the male students are wearing ties and some are attired in very fashionable shoes and socks.  Front row, sitting, left to right: Edwina King (kneeling,) Kathryn McMurtray, Jean Cherry, Joan Ryan, Helen Beckum (sitting forward), Jo Fiebelkorn, Carolyn Holmes, Thomas Seymour, Ray Mallett ( on second step.)   Second row: Mrs. Francesca Howard (class sponsor,) Ann King, Nell Johnston, UNKNOWN FEMALE STUDENT, Peggy Williams, Jackie Williams, Nancy George, Sue Garland, Glenn Ryan, Glen Brune.  Back row: Chester Estes, Ronald Benezue, Helen Tardy, Ed Dorrah, Roger Troups, Stanley Sanders, and Wilfred Beaugez.  Courtesy of Gerald Porter, Ellisville, Mississippi-November 2008.





Class 1956

Standing front, left to right: Henry Paul Beaugez Jr. (1937-2013), Janell Michel, Bobby Mitchell, Ida Sims, Bobby Catchot. Sitting left on steps, left to right: Billy Goff, David Clifton. Standing in middle, left to right: Shirley Broome, Dot Poole, Wilda Mallette. Assembled on right, sitting, front to back: Betty or Bobbie Smith (twin), Janet Beaugez, Barbara Steelman. Standing at top, left to right: James Reed, Bobby O'Neal, Dwain Webb, Dickey Ardnt, Bobbie or Betty Smith (twin, standing in back),  Edna Williams, Anne Seymour (standing in back), Evelyn Beaugez, Doris Stewart, Virginia Milller, Sue Mitchell.  Not Shown but with individual class photos: Brad Lemon, Campster Mathieu, Pat Bunch, Toni DeFrank, Bill Fayard, Billy Grady, Joe Rivers, and Malcom Williams. *(James Reed does not have an individual class photo).  Courtesy of Gerald Porter, Ellisville, Mississippi-November 2008.



Class 1957

[L-R: 1st row: Glenda Seymour; Frances Jermyn; and Jackie Hall.  L-R: 2nd row: Curtis Marsh; Faye Adams; Sally Ann Staley; and Lynn Benezue.  L-R: 3rd row: Rita Hight; Jonne Gay Pollina; Nolan Edward Taconi II (1939-1998); and Herb Clifton.  L-R: 4th Row: Thelma Marino; Charles 'Charlie V' Voivedich; Betty Boyd Endt (1938-1999); Thomas Byrd; Horace McCarty, and Dickie Chambers.  L-R: 5th row: Joy Rouse; Pat Broome Rivers; Myra Mitchell Kittle; Charlotte Byrd; and Leroy Carroll.  L-R: 6th row: Eugene Bauman; Jerry Seymour; David Harris; and Hodges Gowdy.  Not pictured: Joe Cherry and Jo Hall Anderson.  Courtesy of Gerald Porter, Ellisville, Mississippi-November 2008.


1957 Class Officers

Nolan Edward Taconi II (1939-1998), president; Joy Rouse, vice-president; Sally Ann Staley, secretary; Herb Clifton, treasurer; Myra Mitchell, reporter; and David Harris, sergeant-at-arms.

Class 1957

Faye Adams, Jo Hall Anderson (1939-2003), Lynn Benezue, Bettie Boyd Endt (1938-1999), Eugene Bauman, Pat Broome, Charlotte Byrd, Thomas Byrd, Dickie Chambers,  Joe Cherry, Herb Clifton, Leroy Carroll, Jonne Gay, Hodges Gowdey, David Harris, Frances Jermyn, Jackie Hall, Horace McCarty, Myra Mitchell Kittle, Rita Hight, Thelma Marino, Curtis Marsh, Joy Rouse, Glenda Seymour, Jerry Seymour, Sally Ann Staley, Nolan Edward Taconi II (1939-1998), and Charlie Voivedich.


CLASS 1958

The following is the identification of the group photo of the class of 1958, Ocean Springs High School. The photo is taken from "The 1958 Greyhound."  Assembled on left side, front to back: David Seymour, Jesse Tanner, Anthony Brune, Arnold Parker, Max Jordan.  Assembled on right side, front to back: Robert Benezue, Jimmy Catchot, Mildred Gibson, Frank Evans, Clara Scharr,Henry Brune, Lois Barrilleaux, David Fink.  Sitting, front row, left to right: V.C. Bryan, Curtis Lloyd, Gerald Van Court, Jane Boyd, Robert Beaugez, Sharon Sanders, Alice Rehage.  Second row, left to right: Jimmy Dorrah, Julie Gavins, Ronald Hall.  Third row, left to right: Donald Park, Richard Carsen, Larry Galle, Judy Ryan, Jo Beaugez.  Back row, left to right: Wilton Gilley, Billy Anderson, Johnny Norman, Oliver Latil, Patricia Endt, Neil Rodriguez, Charlotte McVay, Elmyra Mitchell, Billy Jordan, Judy Speed.  Pictured in the yearbook with this class but not shown in this group photograph: Katherine Butler Catchot Suarez, Donese Dunnaway, Harry Laughran, Elsie Lovell, Helen Lovell, Donald Myers, Doyle Parker, Bobby Schrieber, Ronald Seymour, Lafay Vernon, and Judy Webb.[coutesy of Gerald Porter, Ellisville, Mississippi-November 2008]


1958 Class Officers

Curtis J. Lloyd, president; James Robert Dorroh, vice-president; Patricia Endt, secretary; and Gerald VanCourt, treasurer.


Class 1958

William Wade Anderson, Lois Ann Barrilleaux, Jo Ann Beaugez, Robert Beauzez, Robert E. Benezue, Jane Boyd Beaugez, Anthony Brune, Henry C. Brune, V.C. Bryan, Katherine Butler Catchot Suarez, Richard Carsen, James Catchot, James R. Dorroh, Donese Dunnaway, Patricia Endt Latil, Frank L. Evans, David Fink, Charles Lawrence Galle, Julie Anne Gavins, Mildred Mae Gibson, Thomas Wilton Gilley, Ronald 'Bo' Hall, Billy R. Jordan, Max Jordan, Oliver Latil, Harry Laughran, Curtis Lloyd, Elsie Lovell, Helen Elizabeth Lovell, Charlotte McVay, Donald Henry Meyers, Myra Mitchell Ross, Johnny Norman, Donald Edward Park, Arnold Parker, Doyle Parker, Alice Rehage, Neil Rodriguez, Judy Kay Ryan, Sharon Sanders, Clara Kay Scharr, Bobby Schrieber, David Charles Seymour, Ronald Seymour, Judy Anna Speed, Jesse W. Tanner, Gerald VanCourt, Lafay Vernon, Judith Jones Webb.


CLASS 1959

First row front left to right: Peggy Snowden, Linda Stanford, Virginia Clifton, Joyce Seymour, James Harris, George Perry.  Second row, left to right: Dorothy Brumbaugh, Sharon Pavolini, Mary Boyd, Virgie Goodman, Tye Bowles, Linda Gavins, Judy Seymour, Karen Allman, Kimball Hawkins, Herman Seymour.  Third row, left to right: Nancy Vernon, Betty Stewart, Laura Turner, Phil Dunnaway, Barbara Williams, Fran Spencer, Nancy Loper, Billy Harris, Sharon Wilson, Diane Lemon, Alfred Bennett, Robert Benezue.  Fourth row, left to right: Faye Parker, Vicky Burrell, James Goldmeyer, Dempsey Levi, David Scharr, Eugene St. Andrie, Ernest Steelman, Billy Moore, Donald Bennett, Thomas Stephens.  Firth row, left to right: Frankie Seymour, Irving Cox, Roy Baker, Wayne McMurtray, Walter Ryan, John Dudley, James Williams, Larry Rubenstein.  Not pictured in the group: Mike Fox, Jerry Goff.  [image and identification courtesy of Gerald Porter, Ellisville, MIssissippi-November 2008]

Principal-Newton Perry Gautier who also taught Commerce.

Teachers elected for the 1958-1959 school year were: First Grade- Mrs. Agnes Anderson; Mrs. Josephine Hunter; and Miss Ruth Dean Dawkins.  Second Grade – Mrs. N.E. Taconi;



1959 Class Officers

Irving Cox, president; Phil Dunnaway, vice-president; Nancy Loper, secretary; and Alfred Jay Bennett, sergeant-at-arms.

Karen Kay Allman, Roy Baker, Robert Benezue, Alfred Jay Bennett, Donald Bennett, Tye Bowles, Mary Ellen Boyd, Dorothy Brumbaugh, Vicky Burrell, Virginia Clifton, Irving Cox, John Dudley, Phil Dunnaway, Mike Fox, Linda Gavins, James Goldmeyer, Jerry Goff, Virgie Ann Goodman, James Harris, William Stockman Harris, Kimball Hawkins, Diane Fredrica Lemon Cuicchi, Dempsey Levi, Russell Long, Nancy Loper Martin Wilson, Wayne Allen McMurtray, Billy Moore, Faye Jean Parker, Sharon Nell Pavolini, George Shelburn Perry Jr., Walter J. Ryan, Larry Rubenstein, David Scharr, Frank Ramsay Seymour, Herman Lloyd Seymour, Joyce Seymour, Peggy Jeanette Snowden, Francesca Spencer, Eugene St. Andre, Linda Stanford, Ernest Steelman, Thomas Stephens, Betty Jean Stewart, Laura Turner, Nancy Vernon, John White, Barbara Williams, James Williams, and Sharon Wilson Balius.(The Greyhound,1959)


CLASS 1960

Toxey H. Luckey was hired as principal in June 1960.  Mr. Luckey had a Master of Science and Masters of School Adminstration from USM.  He had taught mathematics at USM and been an electronics instructor at KAFB.  Toxey had also worked for Sperry Gyroscope Company as a technical writer.(The Ocean Springs News, November 12, 1964,p. 1)

Front row, left to right sitting: Ed Wilson, Reid Belton, Dennis Bartenbach, Alfred Speed, Doug Herzog, Wayne Westbrook, Anne Clark, Henry Campbell, Kay Hunter [Duda-Richards] (1943-2011). Second row sitting: Carolyn Gilley, Sondra Lowe, Elizabeth Dutt (leaning) Gay Catchot [Lemien], Kay Pettus, Helen Ryan. Third row sitting: Nettie Robertson, Anne Gum, Lajuan Webb, Maybelle Synder, Sharon Walters, Carolyn Durbin. Fourth row seated: Kay Latil, Harry Williams, Lind Coburn, Alverda Williams, Norma Hight. Fourth row standing: Charlie Hutson, Gerald Porter. Fifth row standing: Gerald Barlow, John Bond, Bette Halstead, Sandra Rector. Last row standing: Clifford George, Patricia Connor, Howard Glass, Jan Frederick Foretich (1941-2003), Patt Pope, George Tanner, Doug Trevett, Edwin Mike Matheny (1942-2009), Robert Tardy, Rose Miller, Gary Henderson, James Ward, John McLean, Jim Anderson. (Not shown: Cecil Deas, Meagan Johnson, John Dudley).  [image and identification courtesy of Gerald Porter, Ellisville, Mississippi, November 2008]


CLASS 1961


Toxey H. Luckey, principal 

[The Ocean Springs Record, "Class 1961 reunion", July 2006]



Toxey H. Luckey, principal




Toxey H. Luckey, principal




Toxey H. Luckey, principal.  Mr. Luckey resigned and Newton Perry Gautier became principal in November 1964.(The Ocean Springs News, November 12, 1964, p. 1)




N.E. Taconi, Superintendent; Newton Perry Gautier, Principal.  Faculty: Mrs. Roland Barnett, MSU-guidance counselor; Chester Breazeale, USM-social studies; Mrs. C.A. Breazele, Belhaven-math-English; Don Brown, USM-social studies; Mrs. Edward Bryant, USM-English; John Bullock, USM-MSU, math-science; Clay Caston, USM-industrial arts; Eddie Joe Chism, MSU-Spanish-English; Harlon D. Crim, USM-business education; Joseph G. Ello Jr., Loyola & LSU-band director; Robert Endt, UM-math; Aurine Gallaher, College of Charleston & Lenoir Rhyme-English-French; Thomas H. Glass, USM-history; Jack Gunn, USM-science; Isaac D. Harris-workshop; Francesca A. Howard, Randolph-Macon & Tulane-English-Latin; Billy Hubbard, USM-music director; Anglelyn F. Hubbard, Delta St.-math; Mary E. Kanady, piano; Charles F. Mayhall, MSU-social studies; Mrs. Sam L. Newland, E. Tennessee St., English; Mary B. Oglesbee, MSCW-home economics; Marilena Ramsay Penton, USM-librarian; Hugh Pepper, USM-physical education; Ruth Redmann, Ball State-English, speech, journalism; C.B. Richardson, USM-math-science; Daphne Sudduth, William Carey-physical education; Bobbie Sprayberry. USM-librarian; Bonnie Sprayberry, MSCW-home economics; Earle R. Taylor, USM-science; and Harriet Tremmel, USM-business education.




Newton Perry Gautier (1926-2009), principal



N.E. Taconi, superintendent, Allen T. Curry, principal.





Allen Truman Curry


Opposed the purchase of three computer labs by the OS School Board.  Robert Endt was president of the school board.(The Sun Herald, January 19, 1989, p. C-1)

(see The Daily Herald, April 22, 1971, p. 2)

 (see The Ocean Springs Record, May 31, 1990, p. 1)



Dewey L. Herring

Dr. Dewey L. Herring was selected Superintendent of the Ocean Springs School District in February 1990 and began his tenure on July 1, 1990.  Dr. Herring was born at Pascagoula, Mississippi, but was reared in Marion County, Mississippi and completed his high school education at Columbia High School.  It was from the Columbia School District that Dr. Herring was hired for the Ocean Springs position.  Dewey L. Herring served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the U.S. Marine Corps and held the rank of Colonel in the Marine Reserves.  Dr. herring received his Doctorate degree in educational administration from the University of Southern Mississippi.  His Masters degree in guidance and specialist degree in educational administration were earned from Mississippi College.

Dewey L. Herring married Sylvia Fortenberry of Columbia and they are the parents of: Dawn Herring (b. 1974); Wendy Herring (b. 1977); and Clay Herring (b. 1978).(The Sun Herald, February 14, 1990, p. C2)

Dr. Herring's contract was renewed in January 1993 as a reward for his outstanding performance.(The Ocean Springs Record, January 14, 1993, p. )  




Anna P. Hurt 

Anna P. Hurt was born at Prentiss, Mississippi circa 1950.  1972 USM graduate with a B.S. in Elementary Education.  Taught elementary and junior high school in the Orleans Parish School District at NOLA.  At NOLA, she met Edward Hurt, Chevron employee at Pascagoula refinery for more than 25 years, and married him in the summer of 1974.  Two children: Jana Hurt and Jessica Hurt both born at Ocean Springs.  She taught at Magnolia Park Elementary from fall 1974 until 1986.  Masters Degree in EE from USM in 1978.  In 1989 Specialist Degree from USM.  Master's degree from William Carey College.(The Mississippi Press, November 5, 2003, p. 1 and The Ocean Springs Record, May 4, 2006, p. A1)   

Anna Hurt was named as the outstanding young citizen of Ocean Springs by the Jaycees in late January.(The Ocean Springs Record, February 22, 1990, p. 2)     

Anna Hurt resigned from the Ocean Springs School District superintendents position on June 30, 2006.  In May 2006, Mrs. Hurt was named executive director of the Mississippi Association of School Administrators.  She was named Mississippi Superintendent of the Year in 2004.(The Ocean Springs Record, May 4, 2006, p. A1)   

Mrs. Hurt continued to work for the Mississippi Association of School Administrators through November 2011.  Ed Hurt retired from Chevron in 2009 and the couple travel to see their duaghters and grandchildren.  She also had three meetings at various venues in the United States that she attends as director of MASA.(The Sun Herald, November 20, 2011, p. A17)





Robert Hirsch-May 1990




Hirsh Performance Center OSHS-November 2013

Robert Hirsh (b. 1951) was born in Korea and adopted at the age of five years by a peripatetic, American military family. On the move, young Hirsh attended 10 schools in 12 years.  He was Principal of the Ocean Springs High School before he was selected as School Superintendent by the Ocean Springs School District on June 13, 2006.   Hirshbegan his term on July 1, 2006. Six people applied for the position and four were selected for interviews. 

Robert Hirsch attended Univeristy of Nebraska and Cameron University at Duncan, Oklahoma where he was educated to teach Social Studies and French. He then went on to get his Masters at Southern Mississippi and his doctorate at Nova Southeastern University in For Lauderdale, Florida.  In 1980, he located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and began his career here at Mercy Cross High School [Biloxi] as assistant principal and school disciplinarian.  In 1984, he came to the Ocean Springs School District to the Junior High where he taught French and became head of the Foreign Language Department.  Mr. Hirsch was selected as 'Teacher of the Month' in May 1990 while at the OSJH School.  He was named  principal of the Ocean Springs High School in 2000.  Mr. Hirsh's first task as School Superintendent was to replace himself as Principal of the OSHS.  David Baggett, former principal of the OS Middle School, was appointed interim principal of OSHS and Scherrine Davenport, an assistant principal of OS high School, was named interim Principal of the OS Middle School by Robert Hirsch.(The Sun Herald, June 14, 2006, p. A3, The Ocean Springs Record, May 31, 1990, p. 13, and June 15, 2006, p. A1, The Gazette, April 13, 2012 p. 1)  

In January 2008, Robert Hirsch began a weekly column about education in The Ocean Springs Record. Dr. Hirsh announced that he would retire in June 2012 after forty years as an educator.  Mayor Connie Marie Moran related that: "He (Hirsch) is amazing.  He knows every one of those high school kids and he has for four years.  He connects with young people and makes them believe in themselves.  He is a true leader." (The Sun Herald, November 12, 2011, p. A2







Bonita Coleman-Potter was named Superintendent of the Ocean Springs School District in mid-June 2012. She came to Ocean Springs from the Prince George County, Maryland where she was assistance superintendent in a large school district which had 215 schools and 123,000 students. Ocean Springs has about 6000 students. Mrs. Coleman-Potter is an alumnae of Jackson State University and a Mississippi native. She commenced her duties in Ocean Springs on July 2nd.(The Sun Herald, June 12, 2012, June 15, 2012, July 1, 2012, and July 5, 2012, p. A1 and P. A7)

On August 1, 2012, Superintendent Potter and Chandler Potter (b. 1998), her son, were given a warm welcome to Ocean Springs in a reception at the OS Public Library.(The Sun Herald, August 2, 2012, p. A3)






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