Riehm Family

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John J. Riehm (1846-1936) was born in Bremen, Germany, the son of Louis Riehm.  He immigrated to America in 1873.  At New Orleans, he married Augusta Ople (1850-1938), a native of the Crescent City and the daughter of Frank Ople, an Austrian immigrant and Catherine Rush, a Louisianan.  They had no descendants. 

Initially, the John and Augusta O. Riehms resided on the old Leanna Hutchins James place situated in the SE/4 of Section 20, T7S-R8W.  They acquired 117 acres here in October 1892, for $396 from Louis Riehm.  He had bought the James homestead in May 1882.(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 14,  p. 138)

John J. Riehm advertised in the 1893 Ocean Springs Business Directory as follows:


Fruit and Vegetable Grower


Proprietor of Riehm’s

Vine Yard

Manufactures of Fine grape and Scuppernong Wines

Correspondence Solicited


In October 1904, the Riehms moved to Cox Avenue in Ocean Springs when they acquired Lot 2-Block 53 from Elvira D. Bullock for $750.  This tract was located on the west side of Cox Avenue about 160 feet south of the L&N Railroad.(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 29, pp. 87-88)

In November 1925, John and Augusta O. Riehm sold their Cox Avenue home to Adelin Joseph Martin (1857-1927) and Clara Shaw Martin (1858-1930) for $2400.  Mr. Martin was a native of Belgium.  He had immigrated to America in 1877, and studied in California at Stanford University.  Martin had remained a bachelor until his forty-ninth year when he married Clara Shaw, a childless widow from Ohio, probably the town of Republic in Seneca County.  The Martins had resided at “Twin Oaks” in present day Gulf Hills where Monsieur Martin was the proprietor of an orange grove.  He expired on January 2, 1927.( JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 57, pp. 166-167, The Daily Herald, May 26, 1930, p. 2 and The Jackson County Times, January 8, 1927, p. 5))

  The Riehms relocated to New Orleans in July 1926.  In August 1928, they returned to Ocean Springs and rented an apartment in their old house from the Widow Martin.(JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 57, pp. 166-167 and The Jackson County Times, July 24, 1926, p. 5 and August 18, 1928, p. 4)

John J. Riehm died in Biloxi on July 30, 1936.  Except for a two-year hiatus, he had been a resident of Ocean Springs since 1883.  Augusta O. Riehm expired on December 2, 1938 at Ocean Springs.  She was passed through the Ocean Springs Baptist Church.  Both were interred in the Evergreen Cemetery on Old Fort Bayou.(The Daily Herald, July 31, 1936, p. 2 and The Daily Herald, December 3, 1938, p. 6)