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[L-R: Julia Saxon Andrews, Glenn and Lisa Segara-Tato-Nut-December 1, 1992]

GLENN E. MILLER (b. 1946)

Glenn Edward Miller was born on December 1, 1946, at Meadville, Pennsylvania in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. After completing his military duty, he came South and settled at New Orleans. Here in the early 1970s, Miller apprenticed himself to Eugene Loving, an accomplished engraver. Glenn graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1978, and attended Tulane for one and one-half years as a graduate student in their MFA program. At Tulane, he studied under the tutelage of James L. Steg (1922-2001), a printmaker of international status. (Miller, January 9, 2000)

In 1980, Glenn E. Miller settled at Ocean Springs. Here he has made a notable contribution to the community by recording the municipal landscape in etchings, which Millers calls the ‘Ocean Springs Collection’.  Now with more than fifty etchings in a style he defines as American realism-a combination of expressionism and realism. Miller makes artist’s proofs and one hundred prints from his etched copper plate before it is cancelled and sold to a collector. (Miller, January 9, 2000)

Glenn E. Miller has also completed several murals around town. Most visible is his Old Fort Bayou panorama completed on the west wall of the "Who Zat" (now "Sandbar") lounge-fishing camp on Washington Avenue in 1993. Bayou Sporting Goods at 901 Bienville Boulevard also sports a 1994 Miller mural on its west wall, which again depicts a local bayou scene.

the etching process

“as an artist-etcher, I am proud to have created a completely handcrafted print.  My etchings are all done directly from life and the image is scratched on the zinc plate thru and acid resistant paint.  Then immersed in an acid where the image becomes etched into the plate.  I remove the coating, hand ink the plate, wipe it then slowly print it on a high pressure press.  The plate is re-inked and wiped for each impression.  I then hand tint to insure the unique originality of each print”.

Ocean Springs Murals

[Top: west wall of Bayou Sporting Goods at 901 Bienville Boulevard-August 1994 and Olde Biloxi Antiques, North Washngton Avenue -August 1996. images by Ray L. Bellande]

[west wall of "Who Zat" Fishing Camp on North Washington Avenue -October 1993. images by Ray L. Bellande]



Fred Ryan's Place-Bowen Avenue


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