Larue Baptist Church Cemetery - Larue Community

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LOCATION:  Section 12, T5S-R9W

HISTORY:  (see JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 206, p. 317 and Bk. 361, p. 303)





Camelia M. Giametta Cates       1-12-1923 to 1-3-2001

Mary Eliza Cates                  7-18-1883 to 8-29-1969  



Chasity Marie Griffin         3-8-1992 to 2-17-2010



Robena E. Harper                  7-5-1915 to 3-11-2003

William P. Harper                 8-27-1922 to 4-14-1985



Clara Myers Parker Meyer                6-4-1935 to 1-1-2009

Leslie P. Meyer                      2-29-1920 to 12-21-1989

Maggie Ellen Myers              11-20-1907 to 3-19-1974

William Emry Myers            7-29-1900 to 8-30-1979



Ernest Emile Scara          12-11-1936 to 2-5-1998

GMG3 US Navy




Joy “Pete” Wilson             2-1-1934 to

Leo Wilson                       7-20-1921 to 9-9-1993




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Ray L. Bellande

Survey: August 17, 1993, January 30, 2001






LOCATION:   The Latimer Cemetery is located NE/4 of the SE/4 of Section 10, T6S-R9W.  It is just northwest of the Latimer Community at the intersection of Old Biloxi Road and the Byrd Road-Tower Road.  The cemetery is 7 miles north northwest of Ocean Springs.


DIRECTIONS:   From the intersection of Bienville Boulevard (US 90) and Washington Avenue at Ocean Springs, go north on Washington Avenue 2.9 miles to Interstate 10.  Cross the Interstate and bear left onto Tucker Road.  Go 3.18 miles northwest on Tucker Road to Old Biloxi Road.  On Old Biloxi Road go north 2.44 miles to the Latimer Assembly of God Church located on the left (west) side of Old Biloxi Road.  The cemetery is south of the church.


HISTORY:   In January 1934, Allie House Byrd (1895-    ) and husband, Clarence Byrd, conveyed to the Trustees, R.R. Cruthirds, Carmelious Seymour, and Clarence Byrd, of the Full Gospel Assembly of the Assemblies of God Church in the Latimer precinct, 4 1/2 acres, more or less, in the NE/4 of the SE/4 of Section 10, T6S-R9W (JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 66, p. 130). 

Mrs. Allie Byrd was the stepdaughter of John Michael Fitzhenry (1831-1916), an Irish immigrant.  Mr. Fitzhenry married her widowed mother, Rosaline Evans House (1854-1910+), circa 1890.  Other members of the family were Allie's sister, Edna House (1893), and Joe Batson (1887- c.1983), an orphaned Black man. 

Joe Batson reared thirteen children at Latimer with his wife, Laura Burney (1898-1991).  He made his livelihood as a "chipper" in the turpentine industry, and was known for his syrup making.  In July 1990, the road, which connects the Old Biloxi Road with Fort Bayou Road west of Vancleave was named Joe Bat Road in honor of Batson's contributions to the Latimer community.

John M. Fitzhenry was a successful jeweler in Biloxi.  After his death in 1916, he left Allie House Byrd the land, which she later donated to the Latimer Assembly of God in 1934.

The cemetery is approximately 100 feet x 100 feet in area.






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Personal Communication:

Darlene Jones Krohn - August 1993.