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Harrison County, Mississippi


LOCATION: The Krohn Cemetery is located in the SE/4 of the SE/4 of Section 16, T6S-R9W of Harrison County.  It is 1.6 miles southwest of the Latimer Community, and 6.5 miles northwest of Ocean Springs.



DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of Bienville Boulevard (US 90) and Washington Avenue at Ocean Springs, go north on Washington Avenue 2.9 miles to Interstate 10.  Cross the interstate and bear left onto Tucker Road.  Go 3.18 miles on Tucker Road to Old Biloxi Road.  Go north 1.08 miles on Old Biloxi Road to Krohn Road on the left (west).  Turn left onto Krohn Road and go .87 miles west to a locked gate beyond which the Krohn Cemetery lies 1100 feet northwest.  The cemetery is near the Tchoutacabouffa River and just west of the Jackson County line.


HISTORY: The Krohn Cemetery was commenced in March 1876, when Charles F. Krohn (1832-1876) was buried there.  Krohn was the son of German immigrant, John Henry Auguste Krohn (1802-1853), and Marie Solitelle Cuevas (1808-1861).  The Krohns lived in Biloxi and later moved on the Tchoutacabouffa River in the SW/4 of Section 12, T7S-R10W.  John Henry Krohn was the first Supervisor of District No. 1 Harrison County Board of Police.  He was elected President of that body in November 1841. Charles F. Krohn married Sarah A. Cruthirds (1836-1918) on January 28, 1858.  She was the daughter of George Henry Cruthirds and Dorcas Scarborough.  George Henry Cruthirds had come to Mississippi from South Carolina.

Although Charles F. Krohn owned 240 acres of land in Harrison County (all in Section 21, T6S-R9W as follows:  W/2 of SW/4, NE/4 of SW/4, W/2 of SE/4, and the SE/4 of SE/4) which he had purchased in a State Swampland Sale on May 29, 1858 for $.05 per acre, and an additional 40 acres purchased in January 1859, from Alexander Scarborough (NE/4 of NE/4 of Section 21, T6S-R9W, Harrison County Deed Book 8, p. 510), his homestead was probably northeast of these tracts in Jackson County.  Sarah Cruthirds Krohn had patented the SW/4 of the SW/4 of Section 15, T6S-R9W from the State of Mississippi in April 1867 (Tract Book).  She also received a land patent from the U.S. Government in February 1913, on the SE/4 of the SW/4 of Section 15, T6S-R9W, and the NE/4 and SW/4 of Section 22, T6S-R9W (Jackson County Deed Book 43, pp. 129-130).

Here on a high ridge over fifty feet above sea level, in the SW/4 of Section 15, Charles F. Krohn homesteaded and made his livelihood as a logger.  He probably cut longleaf pine from his 280 acres in Harrison County, which was transected by the Tchoutacabouffa River.  The logs were easily sent down river to the sawmills of the area. 

Charles F. Krohn and Sarah Cruthirds had seven children:  Frederick F. (1859-1919), Alethia A. Hosli (d. 1942), Isabel Krohn Sartwell (1866-1933), Mary McQueen (1868-1939), Charles (1869-1948), Katy (1871-1882), and Robert L. (1874-1905). 

During the Civil War, Krohn joined Company A (Live Oak Rifles) of the 3rd Mississippi Regiment in September 1861 at Ocean Springs.  He returned home probably in July 1863.

Schooners from New Orleans would come up the Tchoutacabouffa River as far as the Krohn lands to bring merchandise for the Thomas Holliman Brown Store, which had been established in 1905.  The store was located in the SW/4 of the SW/4, Section 11, T6S-R9W probably on present day Old Biloxi Road south of Tower Road in Latimer (JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 32, p. 402).  On the return voyage, the vessels were loaded with charcoal made by the local "burners".

When Charles F. Krohn died on March 28, 1876, his burial commenced the Krohn Family Cemetery.  It appears the Krohn family thought that they were on their land when they interred their patriarch.  Krohn was buried in Section 16 just fifty feet west of the Krohn property line.  J.J. McCaughn of Mississippi City had purchased all of Section 16, less the NE/4 of the NE/4 reserved for schools in 1851, from the Harrison County School Board (Harrison County, Ms. Land Deed Book 7, p. 8.). 

The Krohn Cemetery now lies on public land under the stewardship of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors. 





G.W. Clifton                                   1851 to 1933


Annie Mae Cruthirds                  10-1-1922 to 10-1-1923

daughter of Homer Cruthirds and Eline Garlotte


Claude Cruthirds                   10-31-1879 to 11-10-1950

son of Nathaniel B. Cruthirds and Dorcas Scarborough

Betty Coleman Cruthirds             12-12-1890 to 8-14-1946


Cleveland Cruthirds                    7-4-1888 to 2-1-1925

son of Nathaniel B. Cruthirds and Rosalie Ladner


Cruthirds Twins (stillborn)             died 9-1912

Robert Rudolf Cruthirds

Annie King Cruthirds


Henry Cruthirds                       7-3-1851 to 4-19-1928

son of George Henry Cruthirds and Dorcas Scarborough

Exey Ann Martin Cruthirds            3-15-1863 to 4-29-1933


Homer C. Cruthirds                  11-28-1893 to 7-31-1950

son of Robert B. Cruthirds and Evelyn Coleman


John Sibley Cruthirds                 7-27-1874 to 1-6-1965

son of Nathaniel Cruthirds and Rachel Collins


Nathaniel B. Cruthirds               4-25-1838 to 3-15-1913

son of George Henry Cruthirds and Dorcas Scarborough

Rosalie Ladner Cruthirds               2-2-1858 to 8-2-1938

daughter of Alfred Ladner and Caroline Ryan


Robert B. Cruthirds                   1-9-1847 to 1-22-1929

son of George Henry Cruthirds and Dorcas Scarborough

Evelyn Coleman Cruthirds             6-27-1865 to 9-30-1936

daughter of Lt. John Baptist Coleman and Elizabeth Morgan


Thomas Ira Cruthirds (US Navy)          6-1895 to 5-19-1931

son of Nathaniel B. Cruthirds and Rosalie Ladner


Yvonne M. Cruthirds (infant)



Charles Krohn                        12-6-1869 to 3-10-1948

son of Charles F. Krohn and Sarah Ann Cruthirds

Mary Gertrude "Delphine" Gollott    11-17-1878 to 6-23-1938


Charles F. Krohn                     7-15-1832 to 3-23-1876

son of John Henry Auguste Krohn and Marie Solitelle Cuevas

Sarah Ann Cruthirds                  7-16-1836 to 8-2-1918

daughter of George Henry Cruthirds and Dorcas Scarborough


Delma Krohn                            9-1920 to 11-13-1921

daughter of Charles Krohn and Mary Gollott


Edna Krohn                          11-22-1915 to 4-28-1980

daughter of Charles Krohn and Mary Gollott


Frederick F. Krohn                    7-9-1859 to 9-23-1919

son of Charles F. Krohn and Sarah A. Cruthirds

Mary Doyle Krohn                      10-9-1860 to 1-7-1944


George Earl Krohn                   2-14-1922 to 12-21-1942

son of Charles Krohn and Mary Gollott


Hubert Krohn                         8-10-1902 to 6-17-1944

son of Frederick F. Krohn and Mary Doyle


Katy H. Krohn                        8-31-1871 to 5-17-1882

daughter of Charles F. Krohn and Sarah Ann Cruthirds


Mary Gollott Krohn                  11-17-1878 to 6-28-1938


Raymond Krohn (infant)   to 1939  [

son of Clifton Krohn and Maime Carroll


Robert L. Krohn                      3-23-1874 to 8-16-1905

son of Charles F. Krohn and Sarah Ann Cruthuirds


Bobbie Krohn      1962 to 9-4-2005             



Henry McClure (born Texas) 1st US Army       died 12-8-1920

Mary Krohn McClure (born Ireland)     10-9-1860 to 1-7-1944



Leo Earl Orrell                      4-10-1882 to 2-19-1941

son of C.C. and Anna R. Orrell



Ledger Azete Palmer                   1-10-1877 to 2-2-1965

Annie Lee Smith Palmer                1-28-1883 to 5-6-1978



Maggie Leona Richards                 9-5-1894 to 4-28-1898

daughter of Jordan Richards and Rachel Cruthirds


Rudy Rodgers, Sr                   11-28-1956 to 12-21-1984

son of Steven P. Rodgers and Alice Rodgers Guillott



Arthur R. Sartwell                   3-23-1874 to 5-23-1928

son of George Sartwell

Isabel Krohn Sartwell                5-13-1866 to 6-19-1933

daughter of Charles F. Krohn and Sarah Ann Cruthirds


Alberry Scarborough                 11-18-1880 to 7-23-1963

son of Joseph J. Scarborough

Lizzie Scarborough                    9-23-1891 to 9-9-1920


Arcalia Scarborough                 10-28-1939 to 11-7-1939


Autley H. Scarborough                 8-8-1912 to 4-11-1948

son of A.H. Scarborough, Sr.


Burecia J. Scarborough               5-25-1885 to 3-13-1918

daughter of Joseph J. Scarborough and Elenora Cruthirds


Edward Donald Scarborough             2-1-1896 to 7-31-1970

son of Joseph J. Scarborough and Elenora Cruthirds


Essie Scarborough                   1-12-1890 to 12-18-1952

daughter of Joseph J. Scarborough and Elenora Cruthirds


Henry Scarborough                   12-17-1882 to 9-21-1950

son of Joseph J. Scarborough and Elenora Cruthirds


Joseph J. Scarborough                  4-1-1849 to 3-4-1928

Eleanora Cruthirds                     4-27-1855 to




Hamilton T. Walden                     3-6-1872 to 2-1-1926

son of Benjamin E. Walden and Minerva Fatheree


Otis Walden                          8-12-1911 to 12-8-1920

son of Hamilton Walden and Estell Cruthirds





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Personal Communication:

Darlene Jones Krohn - August 1993


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Ray L. Bellande - August 1993

Darlene Jones Krohn - August 1993