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LOCATION:  The Groue Cemetery is approximately 3 1/4 miles west northwest of Ocean Springs.  It is located in the very southeastern portion of the John Baptiste Ladner Claim, Section 16, T7S-R9W of Jackson County.  This small family cemetery is near the entrance of the Langley Point residential area of the St. Martin Community.


DIRECTIONS:  From the intersection of Bienville Boulevard (US 90) and Washington Avenue in Ocean Springs go north 2 miles on Washington Avenue to LeMoyne oulevard.  Turn left (west) on LeMoyne and go 2.67 miles to Brittany.  At Brittany go left (south) .75 miles to Race Track Road.  Turn left (east) at Race Track and go .32 miles to the Groue Cemetery to the left (north).


HISTORY:  The Groue Cemetery is a small family cemetery named for Louis Groue, Sr. (1813-1887).  Groue, the son of Francoise LaGroue and Marie Lafost, was born at Deer Island.  LaGroue was a merchant and slave trader who met his demise in a naval engagement with British forces in 1814.

     Louis Groue married Eloise Ladner (1821-1890) circa 1838.  She was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Ladner and Julienne LaFontaine.  The Groues moved to Back Bay (North

Biloxi) from Deer Island after 1850 to a tract of land in Section 16, T7S-R9W which had been given to her by her father, J.B. Ladner, in 1840.  (Jackson County Deed Records

Book 4, pp. 474-475).  Ladner had earlier been granted the patent to Section 15 (Claim No. 158-609.32 acres).  The U.S. Government confirmed the claim in 1819.

     The Groues built a home on their Jackson County waterfront tract and raised a small family.  Two children, Louis Groue, Jr. (1840-1917) and Estelle Groue Tiblier (1844-

1927), were born of this union.  In May 1880, Louis Groue bought the 320-foot tract east of his property from his brother-in-law, Stanislaus Beaugez (1813-1889) (Jackson

County Deed Records Book 4, pp. 475-477).  This is the tract of land on which the Groue Cemetery is located.

     In 1917, Louis Groue, Jr. conveyed the following tract of land to his sons, Alphonse and Napoleon Groue:


     Beginning at a point 116 feet north of where the Point St. Martin Road crosses the line dividing the property of Louis Groue and Francis X. Fountain, and thence running north 80 feet along said line, thence 80 feet east, thence south 80 feet, thence west 80 feet to the point of beginning; thus including a tract 80 feet square which is now, and has been used as my family cemetery for many years.  (JXCO Ms., Land Deed Book 45, pp. 97-98)


PRIMARY FAMILY INTERMENTS: Cannette, Fayard, Fountain, Groue, and Ladnier.





Baby Boney                                        8-12-1936

Leuma J. Bosarge                    12-12-1897 to 3-12-1960



Armond Cannette                        9-17-1863 to 3-4-1948

Emily G. Cannette                      3-21-1871 to 4-2-1963

Mary V. Holley                      10-17-1922 to 12-28-1922

Olena C. Giametta                    12-23-1900 to 1-30-1920


Julius Cannette, Sr.                  8-16-1897 to 1-16-1983


Armond Thomas Cannette                 5-26-1892 to 1-4-1955


Albert Cannette                      8-10-1904 to 11-22-1911

Robert Cannette                       8-10-1904 to 1-11-1905


Evelyn Cannette


Oscar Cannette


Thomas C. Cannette                     8-1-1920 to 4-29-1987

Betty Tillman Cannette                     1929 to 8-26-1996


Joseph Cannette                       10-8-1860 to 5-28-1950

Heloise G. Cannette                   9-18-1866 to 4-19-1952

Florence Ryan                                   1894 to 1918



Keith Derouen                        12-29-1969 to 3-30-1971



Henry Fayard                           1-4-1872 to 9-14-1915

Olivia Groue                           4-5-1873 to 7-18-1959

Olivia Fayard                         8-25-1897 to 4-11-1914

Lonzo Fayard                          10-5-1908 to 6-11-1910


Oscar Fayard                          2-14-1896 to 5-15-1911


Leonia Fayard                       9-7-1910 to 9-9-1913


Rudolph Fayard                      2-6-1880 to 5-23-1965

Leonied Groue Fayard                8-4-1885 to 8-7-1969


Adonia Fountain                     6-30-1876 to 1-14-1962

Raymond Fountain                    2-24-1874 to 8-16-1938


Betty Howell                        11-26-1939 to 3-27-1940

Roosevelt Fountain                  3-30-1908 to 4-11-1961


Charles Fountain                    12-5-1907 to 2-18-1978

Emile Fountain                          4-3-1900 to 6-2-1978


Louise Fountain                         5-6-1892 to 2-5-1953


Alice Tiblier Fountain                1-23-1874 to 3-13-1934


Hubie Fountain



Louis Groue                         11-18-1814 to 10-11-1887

Eloise Ladner Groue                         8-6-1821 to 1890


Louis Grou                          12-19-1840 to 11-20-1917

Mary Parker Grou                      4-24-1841 to 5-12-1910


Rosia Cecilia Groue                        1869 to 6-28-1918

L. Gilbert Groue                      4-29-1862 to 8-13-1883


Alphonse G. Groue                      4-15-1879 to 3-1-1934

Louisa M. Fountain Groue                       9-8-1883 to 12-28-1959


Alphonse J. Groue Jr.                    8-22-1907 to 5-1-2001

Emily M. Boyd Groue                       10-11-1902 to 2-25-1991


Jackie L. Groue, Jr.                  2-22-1964 to 1-28-1965

daughter of MJ and Mary Groue


Arthur Napoleon Groue                  2-5-1888 to 5-24-1964

Daisy Garcia Groue                  12-25-1896 to 10-24-1967


Royal Henry Groue                      1-2-1911 to 10-1-1988

Fatima A. Beal Groue                     3-13-1914 to 1-13-1974


Royal Henry Groue, Jr.                       12-3-1933 (living)

Margie N. Groue                            1-9-1936 (living)

Royal H. Groue, III "Bubby"            1-17-1957 to 4-8-1991


Norton William Gum                                3-11-1918 to 12-19-2002

Eleanor Derouen Gum                               3-31-1920 (living)



Jimmie King                              12-19-1957 (living)

Janice Marie King                          7-2-1955 (living)

Mary Beth King                       10-7-1953 to 10-21-1953

Betty Jean King                           7-21-1951 (living)



Emma V. Groue Ladnier               5-1-1864 to 5-11-1891

Gustave Ladnier                     3-18-1888 to 5-27-1897

Celestan Ladnier                    12-14-1884 to 5-27-1897


Landry (Plot Marker)

Martha Ann Bosarge Landry    3-18-1939 to 12-4-2006

Robert E. Landry       2-20-1932  to 11-1985

married 3-25-1960 


Miguel A. Lawrence     1936 to 8-27-2006


Adonia A. Riche                                 1895 to 1981


Ellis J. Richard                          1912 to 12-19-1994


Florence Groue Richard                       3-18-1914 to 6-10-2001


Jerry J. Richard                      12-24-1931 to 6-9-1978

PFC US Army Korea


Veryl Jude Richard                      6-3-1942 to 2-8-1978

PFC US Army Vietnam


Wallace Patrick Richard               8-28-1942 to 8-10-1986


Florence Ryan                                   1894 to 1918



Emile Tiblier                                   1838 to 1923


Estella Tiblier                            1844 to 2-20-1927




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Surveyed and researched by:

Ray L. Bellande

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