New Fayard United Methodist Church Cemetery - South Latimer Area

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LOCATION: The New Fayard Church Cemetery is located in the E/2 of the SW/4 of Section 23, T6S-R9W.  It is 2.3 miles south of the Latimer Community and 5 mile north- northwest of Ocean Springs.

DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of Bienville Boulevard (US 90) and Washington Avenue at Ocean Springs go north on Washington Avenue 2.9 miles to Interstate 10.  Cross the Interstate and bear left onto Tucker Road.  Go northwest on Tucker Road 3.18 miles to Old Biloxi Road.  At Old Biloxi Road go north a few hundred feet and see Jim Ramsay Road to the right (east).  Turn right onto Jim Ramsay Road and go .34 miles to the New Fayard United Methodist Church on the north side of Jim Ramsay Road.  The small cemetery is located to the rear (north) of the church building.

HISTORY: George A. Cruthirds (1891-1964) and Mamie Bellew (1897-1986) conveyed two acres of land on Jim Ramsay Road to the New Fayard Chapel Methodist Church on August 11, 1964.  The New Fayard Chapel Methodist Church and Cemetery or located on this tract.  The cemetery measures approximately 63 feet x 135 feet.(Jackson County Land Deed Book 260, p. 156)



Aden S. Bellew                                   8-22-1907 to 3-19-1981



Lenoard Ray Collier                       11-28-1996 to 1-18-2003

George Arthur Cruthirds                   12-12-1891 to 11-30-1964

Jasmine Marie Cruthirds                   12-12-2002 to 3-23-2003

Mamie Bellew Cruthirds, P.M.             4-5-1897 to 11-1986



Johnny James Gray          1938 to 12-13-2005

Julia Elizabeth Gray         12-29-1950 to

Sabrina Nicole Gray         7-18-1984 to 9-12-1997

William Joe Gray             3-30-1940 to 6-8-2000



Elsie May Justice             12-27-1909 to 8-16-1973


Max Daniel Lightsey Jr.    3-25-1950 to 7-1-2011


Kathrine D. McDanal               1879 to 1967



Brittney Marie Orr       10-10-1989 to 4-8-2000

Edna Louise Orr          11-5-1948 to

Michelle Lynn Orr       1-14-1971 to

Robert L. Orr Sr.      9-3-1940 to 9-13-2002


Richard Pierce III                       3-25-1958 to 5-13-2010         


Lamar Patrick Saucier Sr.          10-12-1925 to 4-3-1992

Lilly Mae Saucier        12-12-1925 to 6-22-1998

Donald Stevenson      9-2-1930 to 1-8-2010


Shari Lou Cruthirds Veselits        11-9-1958 to 3-1-1980




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